11 Things that can harm your beauty face

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You spend a lot of times for beauty care and have a beauty appearance. But sometime, you are inadvertent and destroy your effort of face skin care by using 11 following things. In any cases, do not use these 11 things on your face.

  1. Hair spray

You should not let the hairspray meet directly with your face when you are spraying your hair on the head, as it contains paints and alcohol to make your skin dry, dehydrate and also make you look older. In addition, they are easy to harm your skin, causing the skin to become red, swollen and scarier.

  1. Deodorize

Deodorant is thought to the be only used for the area under the arms, but some people still believe it can stop sweat in all other areas, and many girls do it on everywhere. They Test them on the face as a way to prevent sweat from breaking down the make-up layer. This is completely wrong because it causes your face to not “breathe” and also cause allergic reactions.

Let the beauty products do the right use for you.

  1. Hair dyes

If you are a regular dying hair person and want your eyebrow to match your hair color, then you should use an organic color or look for a suitable eyebrow drawn kit instead of dying your brows with hair dye. Because the chemical components in the dye are very harmful to the sensitive skin and may also damage the eye.

  1. Vegetable grease

Although this type of fat can be applied to the skin as a way to cure psoriasis, but it is too “heavy” for the skin on face and can even clog pores and lead to acne formation.

  1. Shampoo

Shampoo cleanses the scalp, removes excess oil and dirt from the hair, and does not mean it is suitable for facial cleansing. However, the shampooing process is quite easy to make the shampoo stick to your face, you should be aware, because the elements on the skin are extremely sensitive, and if they let them come in meetting, the face will become to be dry and peeling.

  1. Serum for hair

We often mistakenly think that serum products are good and can be used on the skin (because serum is mainly used for skin care). However, depending on the type of serum they have different specific uses. If it is a hair serum, it is only effective for hair, cannot remove wrinkles or solve other problems of the skin. In addition, the serum hair conditioners contain odorants which, if exposed, can cause damage skin.

  1. Body lotion

Remember that body lotion has no effect on facial skin by its composition is quite “heavy” compared to sensitive facial skin. In addition, perfume or fragrance contained in body lotion can cause skin face irritated.

  1. Creams for foot

Obviously, once again you should remind yourself: let the skin care products do its proper use! If it is your foot cream, just apply it to your feet. All skin care creams do not mean they can use as facelift. An over-active, deep-lifting moisturizing lotion that removes the dead skin and removes dead skin on your legs that you would never want them to cause on the face.

  1. Nail polish

Want to paint your face for the upcoming Halloween? Then use the organic colors on the skin to draw, absolutely do not use nail polish just because you think it is also a color paint. Nail polish containing acrylic will make skin dry.

  1. Vinegar

It is true that you can use vinegar on your skin as a moisturizer. But of course, it must be a specialized vinegar and have ingredients suitable for your skin (eg, apple cider vinegar). Not that you take randomly a bottle of vinegar on the kitchen and think they have moisturizing effect is completely wrong.

  1. Mayonnaise

This is the ingredient used in home-made face masks, as it moisturizes the hair. However, mayonnaise is not a good idea for the skin because it involves too much acidity inside and clogs your pores.

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