12 tips to have beautiful natural face (part 2)

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A beauty natural face is the dream of many women in the world, here are some useful natural makeup tips for you.

  1. Use a gel or mascara to get sharp eyebrows

The gel products are not really popular and need more craftsmanship than the pencil or powder, but the favorite one of makeup experts because of the effect is a sharp, smooth and natural. An eyebrow mascara is becoming increasingly popular with eyebrows that look more thick and darker; you can only use mascara if you have a good eyebrow or use it after a gel, powder or penclil eyebrow to increase the beauty of your eyebrows.

    8.Use two types of mascara for long and thick eyelashes

Combining two types of long-lasting and thickening mascara is a way to get your favorite eyelashes without the need for a fake eyelashes. The secret to using two types of mascara without clotting is that you should use a clean mascara or fingers to brush eyelashes after each spurt if the eyelashes are stuck together.

  1. Use the waterline to create the most natural eye.

Use black eyeliner to fill the waterline – the area between the lashes will help the eyes sharper without too many eye makeup steps. If adding waterline and then add a line to your eyes, then you will have bigger eyes with thicker eyelashes.

  1. Use lip pencil when applying lipstick

The dark lip colors are very focused on the lips and also easy to denounce the uncontrolled line. The solution for you is to use lip pencil to draw at first, and fill lips with lipstick as normal, this will help your lips have more attractive and colors are also stable, more durable.

  1. Use a concealer around the lips for beautiful nude lips color

To have thicker and more sexy lips using pale lipstick like nude, use a little concealer around the lips to brighten the area, making the lips more popular.

  1. Use a highlighter and bronzer for the entire eye area

After using eye powder and facial powder, apply it to the entire eye area for deep eyes. Use a bronzer for both the upper and the lower eyelid, to create a depth ,use highlighter for the centre of the eyelids, under the brows to highlight the eyes.

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