12 tips to have beautiful natural face(part 1)

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Make up always includes a lot of steps from the foundation, powder to lipstick and eyeliner to have perfectly beauty face. if it is not done properly it will easily make faces having thick layer of powder and be not natural face.

Make-up steps for skin from the foundation, concealer to cheek blushes, if not properly applied, it will make a thick layer of powder and unnatural face. In addition, it can clog the pore and it takes a little time to prepare before going out. The good news is that you can still have a fresh and seductive face with the secret of using effective and quickly makeup come from top professionals. Check out the 12 best cosmetics guidelines below to see if you do not know how to use them properly.

  1. Use a wet sponge to spread the cream foundation.

Using your hands to spread the foundation can make the makeup thick, uneven and also consumes a greater amount of products. The best way to use the foundation cream, especially with the thick cream is to slowly spread the cream and divide it into many layers until the coverage is satisfactory. Apply powder foundation on 5 points and use a wet sponge to spread evenly. The sucking will remove excess product and make cream into the skin, creating a smooth and natural foundation like no makeup.

  1. Use a makeup brush to apply a concealer to the acne

The area around the acne is often dry and scaly, it is easy to expose the above cream, so it is best to use a small brush to point concealer on the acne and use a finger slightly to smooth into the surrounding skin.

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  1. Mix concealer and lotion to cover special areas of skin.

This area has color is not the same. To solve this problem. Mix the concealer with a little milk to have a good coverage of the concealer that is natural, suitable for uneven color skin and needed additional coverage such as the skin on the sides of the nose, the skin has large pores.

  1. Use a concealer pen to brighten up to look more fresh

If you do not have too serious problems with dark circles then look for the concealer cream to brighten the skin under the eyes. Moreover, you can use this cream to highlight the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin as a kind of highlighter powder.

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  1. Create a highlight for the eyes

You may be more comfortable using traditional eyeliner colors such as black, brown, but the another color will give you impressive eyes immediately without makeup too much. people with green eyes will match purple eyeliner, brown eyes will look better when going with eyeliner blue or blue eyes will fit with bronze, yellow …

  1. Use eye liner to have smokey eyes

You will not need the eye color palette, because only an eyeliner is enough for smokeyeyes. Start with the normal eyeliner, then use your fingers to spread out the eyelid, continue to draw and spread the eyelid and then disperse until the color is satisfactory.


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