12 tips to help you get clean skin every night

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Skin care is very important and this is not a daytime job. Actually, the evening and the time you are asleep is the time when your skin is regenerated and restored after a long day. A research by Japanese scientists showed that wrinkles are more constituted at night and in the evening than during the day. Therefore, enhancing skin care at this time is an effective way to eliminate the sign of age.

The best way to prevent skin damage and age is to maintain proper skin care. This mode is not only care in daytime but also in night. During the day, our skin comes in contact with many harmful elements as sunlight, wind, temperature. The infection can leave negative consequences. In order to avoid these bad effects, take a look at the 12 skin care tips below.

  1. Wash your face:

Wash your face every night before going to bed is important because this will help you remove all makeup or dirt on your face after a long day and help keep the skin clean.

  1. Mask of yogurt – strawberry:

Use yogurt – strawberry mask before going to bed will help you get a smooth skin and clean pores.

  1. Moisturizing:

Dry skin is most prone to problems such as wrinkles and premature aging. Simply wash your face then apply a thin layer of moisturizer then massage the face before going to bed.

  1. Apply acne medication properly:

If you are having problems with acne, do not worry too much. Choose acne products containing sulfur and salicylic acid, then spot on the acne, and do not spread to other areas.

  1. Use Clay Mask:

Clay Mask will help clear excess oil and bacteria. In addition, the use of clay masks also acts as a facial scrub mask as it helps to tighten pores and remove the deepest dirt.

  1. Oatmeal Mask:

Combine the oatmeal that has been cooked with lemon juice and eggs. The antioxidant of oatmeal will reduce swelling, while acid in lemon will help kill the bacteria in your pores and vitamin E in eggs will give you a smooth skin.

  1. Do not solve acne by hand:

Let your skin rest and do not affect any strong activity on the skin before going to bed, especially you absolutely do not squeeze acne because this will make you Faced with increased acnes.

  1. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is well known for treating wounds, scars and also acts as a remedy to help you get rid of acne quickly. Apply aloe Vera juice or gel onto the acne areas, let it dry for an hour or more and take it off with warm water.

  1. Honey:

A very good natural solution to sensitive skin is to use honey mask to moisturize the skin. Using a honey mask before going to sleep will help soothe the skin, reduce irritation and give you a smooth complexion.

  1. Steam:

Steam for 2-3 minutes before going to sleep. It will help you to remove dirt and excess oil from the pores that are left, and use this therapy every night For your skin to avoid boils.

  1. Aspirin or Baking Soda:

Dissolve an aspirin with a little water and then apply to face for no more than 5 minutes. Aspirin, like baking soda, will exfoliate dry skin and reduce redness on the skin.

  1. Cold stone:

Apply ice around the face for about two minutes before applying cream or mask. It will help your skin absorb the nutrients in the most effective way.

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