2 necessary Facebook features with everyone

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You spend hours to surf Facebook, this article will tell you 2 essential Facebook features you need to know, it is inserting emoji and data saver. Remember that not both of these features can be used on Facebook application on smartphone.

  1. Tip to save 3G / 4G traffic when accessing Facebook on your smartphone.

With Facebook’s new Data Saver feature, you can proactively save mobile data without affecting any social experience.

Facebook consumes a lot of mobile data during using. Here are a few tips to help you save significant amounts of mobile traffic when using this social network on your smartphone.

  • First, open the Facebook application and log into your account. Now touch the 3 dash menu in the top right corner of the app.

  • Next, scroll to Help and Settings and click the Data Saver
  • Now click the toggle button to turn Data Saver in On


When you move Data Saver to On, you will see another option called Always turn off Data Saver on Wi-Fi. It is enabled by default. This means Data Saver mode will be automatically disabled whenever you connect to Wi-Fi. However, if you find the Data Saver is efficient and want to use this option even when using Wi-Fi, you can turn it off by pressing the On / Off switch next to it.

Now when you return to the main screen you will see an orange bar at the top of the screen indicating that the Data Saver has been activated. If you want to turn it off, first click the Settings option, then click the On / Off button next to Data Saver On.

It is known that when Data Saver is activated, Facebook will reduce the size of the display image, meaning that the image in the feed (newsfeed) will be smaller and compressed. In addition, this feature also turns off the ability to automatically play video to save bandwidth. But if you just want to disable autoplay videos on the newsfeed, Facebook also offers this option in the app’s settings.

  1. The inserting emoji feature on the Facebook web browser

Insteads of finding the special characters that represent each emoji, people can now quickly insert your favorite emoji into Facebook’s status update bar.

Facebook is quietly testing a new feature where people can choose their own emoji language to speak when they perform social status updates on a web browser.

As a result, when writing a status on Facebook, a limited number of users will see an emoji icon appear in the lower right corner of the status bar under the name Insert an emoji. Clicking on this icon will see a list of emoji appear, and you just click to select those emoji when you want to insert your status line is complete.

Apparently, the new feature is considered very convenient for Facebook users to update the status on the web browser, because Facebook now supports a lot of emoji with different characters that make people is difficult to remember the emoticons that represent the less common emoji.

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