2 new applications of Facebook needed to be known

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At this moment, more than 1 billion people used Facebook application, but there are many applications of Facebook is useful. This article will tell you two new apps.

  1. Find Wi-fi

The Wi-Fi hotspot feature was created with the goal of helping users stay connected to the Internet and online on Facebook.

To use this feature, iOS and Android users just need:  go to the Options section on the Facebook app > “Find Wi-Fi” section. Then, the wireless Internet access point will pop up near the location where the user is standing.

Facebook requires that location services always be enable to use this feature.

According to experts, this feature is considered quite convenient when users travel to distant places where the machine does not have 3G / 4G connection, but can quickly determine where near you will have Wi-Fi network to continue to use internet access.

Not only provides information about free Wi-Fi broadcast locations, this feature can indicate the time it takes to reach the hotspot as well as the name of the hotspot.

Facebook’s Wi-Fi has been available for some markets since November, but so far this feature has been widely used globally.

  1. Facebook Events

The Facebook-developed Events application was introduced on the iOS platform a few months ago. At that time, Facebook did not mention exactly when the app would arrive on Android devices, but now the waiting time is over, Facebook Events is officially available on Android.

According to TechCrunch, you can download the app through the Google Play apps store. With Events, Android users will be able to search for events that interest them or their friends. Just like the iOS version, Android fans can see new events their friends care about, events recently published by their favorite sites, and updates from their events connected.

The application also allows users to browse event recommendations based on time, location and concern. This Android application shows the exact location where the event takes place on an interactive map, but users can also search for events in any area they plan to visit.

In addition, Facebook Events allows you to keep track of upcoming events that you plan to attend. You can choose the date and time you want to add from your phone and view them in Facebook Events.

All the activities you do on here are displayed on Facebook, so your friends will know what events you are interested in. Of course, you can share these events with your friends if they do not install this app.

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