2 useful tips in interacting with friends on Facebook

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You have many relative and friends on Facebook friends, there are many problems occurred when interacting with them, here are some useful Facebook tips needed to remember in some special circumstance.

  1. Tips to help find out who unfriend or stop using Facebook.

If you see your Facebook friends drop down, the free Who deleted me app for iOS and Android users, as well as working on Google Chrome as an extension, will solve this. It creates a copy of friend lists since you started running the application, then collates every time you want to check to see if someone has stopped relationship with you.

The purpose of Who deleted me is to provide a list of people who are no longer your friends on Facebook as well as any new friends since your last login. Both the application and the browser extension will determine whether you or someone else has unfriended you, or someone has stopped doing activities on Facebook.

However, before using it you should note that Facebook has commented on Who deleted me is a bad application, can create negative user experience, because it will make people discover who is not Make friends with me, so it makes you feel sad if a friend that you care to stop making friends.

However, remember that at present there are more than 30,000 people who liked the Who deleted me page on Facebook, so this is obviously an app that many people are interested in, although previously it was also Appears, such as the Unfriend Notify extension for browsers released last year.

You can find and download Who deleted me for iOS and Android devices through the app store on these platforms, while the Chrome browser can be downloaded from www.deleted.io.

The application provides the corresponding tags, and when clicked on every such tag you will see the list of invitees, the people you unlink, or even new ones that appear in the list.

  1. A tip to prevent people from who followed by you

When you click the follow up button on Facebook, your friend may receive a notification on their News Feed. However, there is a trick to help you hide this information.

Before you do this, it’s important to keep in mind that hiding information about someone you’re following on Facebook will help you turn off notifications about who you follow on Facebook, especially useful when you follow a follower. Someone is sensitive, such a friend is wanting to get acquainted …

To get started, visit your personal Facebook account page by clicking on the personalized avatar icon in the top right corner. Click on the Friends tab in the main view of the individual page.

Next, click on the pencil-shaped Manage section and select the Edit Privacy option that appears thereafter.

Pop-up under the heading “Edit Privacy” will appear. You can now go to the Follow section and edit the view permissions of the people you are following.

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