33 essential beauty tips – How to look beautiful (part 1)

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The beauty care learning seems like an endless long course that you will need a lot of whisper to be able to keep up the perfect look in the simplest way. Please refer to the smart beauty tips below!

  1. Use a glass of apple cider vinegar in the bath for soaking, you will be able to see the body sweat, effective detoxification after bathing.
  2. Transsexual model Andrej Pejic reveals the secret to making a beauty face: It is a light cream foundation for the center of the chin and a darker foundation on both sides of the jaw.
  3. First of all, use a lip liner to apply lipstick to all lips. Thus the lip color will be very matte and durable, especially not fade after hot kisses. If you want to look young, you can apply a bit of colorless lip gloss.
  4. Using the eyeliner dots on the points between the legs of each eyelash, will create a natural eyeliner outline.
  5. Instead of using mascara, brush the Vaseline onto your eyelash after it has been bent. Your eyelash will look shiny and appear thicker, longer, curvier, without the worry of being torn or fading.
  6. You do not need to wash your hair every day, but you can wash your bangs daily. This takes very little time, but always make sure you look clean all the time.
  7. To reduce fatigue and abdominal pain during menstruation, start drinking raspberry tea a few days before.
  8. The secret to keep the hair of the Parisian girls clean is to flush the hair with mineral water, leaving the hair greasy and natural.
  9. To keep the fragrance for a long time, apply the perfume on your fingers, apply a little under your arms and a little around the navel. These area are high temperature, helping to save the smell of perfume better.
  10. Handstand for 30 seconds a day. You can put your feet on the wall or chair if you wish. This posture helps the blood flow to the face, making the face rosy and fresh every day.
  11. Eat more turmeric, and mix with yogurt to cover the face mask regularly. Your skin will look fresh and young.
  12. Actress Katie Holmes shares the secret to being beautiful in front of the lens is always carrying blusher with her. Just using a bit of cheeks will make your face look brighter and more confident.
  13. Kardashian Khloe often uses avocado oil and shea butter creams to apply to the chest and neck. And that helping her to prevent stretch marks and firmer, younger-looking skin.
  14. To wash your face effectively, spray some warm water on the front surface to soften the skin, then the skin will absorb nutrients from the cleanser better.
  15. If you eat peanut butter instead of regular meals, it helps your belly get thinner. Besides peanut butter provides energy to keep you awake, especially good when you need to drink a lot without getting drunk.
  16. You can use exfoliating mixture twice a week if your skin is not sensitive. Let the box of exfoliating creams in the bathroom for every bath, and your skin will always be clean, smooth.

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