33 essential beauty tips – How to look beautiful (part 2)

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How to be beautiful? There are many tips to solve this question. Here is some advice for you to look beautiful.

  1. Β Applying a dry-brush helps the body’s detoxification process. Brush from the bottom to the top of leg, it will help the body absorb water and nutrient, detoxicating better.
  2. Eat plenty of vegetables mixed with olive oil and fresh coconut milk, coconut product, coconut food … Your nails, hair and skin will look better without using much cosmetics.
  3. Apply a mask once a week to make the skin beautiful and have a better resistance. mineral water is a product commonly used to cure zona, the main ingredient is zinc oxide, helps soothe the skin and prevent inflammation, while also being able to protect the natural sun.
  4. Applying ice on the face before bed will help tighten pores, helping your face more fresh tone in the next morning.
  5. When applying makeup, do not use your face a lot. Do not laugh too much when applying cheeks, because when not smiling, the cheeks will lower down, causing the cheeks lowered near the mouth, making your face look saggy, old age. The best suggestion is that you should only smile at the time of applying your cheeks.
  6. When you do not have time to makeup, just curl your eyelids to look fresh and younger.
  7. If you can not buy wax underarm deodorant, you can use antiseptic alcohol to apply to the area of ​​sweat, help to remove the smell of the body, feeling clean, confident.
  8. For acne treatment, cut a slice of potatoes, place on the acne and use adhesive tape fixed. in the next morning, the potato slices turn black because of the toxins from the acne.
  9. You can apply the cream to your hair and swim with a swimming cap while swimming to keep your hair soft, not damaged by the chemicals in the pool.
  10. Do not use powdered powder on liquid foundation. For example, if you use BB cream for dewy style makeup, do not use powdered cheeks but use cream cheeks.
  11. If you do not like to apply cheeks to your cheeks, you can try new styles to create more modern and personality.
  12. Collect toothbrushes from the hotel or plane during trips to make use of the eyebrow brushes.
  13. You can use conditioner instead of hairspray to keep your hair sticky without drying.
  14. If you do not want to use mascara, use a cream eye liner, close to the eyelash to cover a thin layer on each eyelash, the effect is equivalent to mascara.
  15. Apply honey over your legs and cover with food wrap, incubate for 10 minutes then rinse, you will have super soft feet.
  16. The secret of Miranda Kerr’s supermodel is to use spring seed oil to nourish the skin while pregnant. Therefore, she always confidently show off her hot body even when she was a mother.
  17. To encourage yourself to drink enough water, bring a 2-liter bottle of water in your bag. You will find the bag much heavier, and the only way to lighten the bag is to drink as much water as possible.

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