3D movies are not guarantee for sale in America

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New statistics show that the 3D format no longer bringing big sale in the North American theaters seven years ago, it’s the most topic viewed on many free online movies websites  .

 2010 is considered the golden time for 3D movies when 21% of the $ 10.6 billion in total North American box office revenue comes from that format. The $ 2.22 billion deal with Avatar, which was released in late 2009, included Alice In Wonderland and Toy Story 3.

But by 2016, the achievement of 3D format fell to $ 1.6 billion, a decrease of 8% from 2015. It is worth to mention that the decline occurred when total box office revenues in North America increased to a record $ 11.4 billion in 2016 . As such, the 3D format only accounts for 14% of the revenue pie.


According to Box Office Mojo, the most successful 3D movie of 2016 is Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book, with 43% of its first week of release from that format. Of course, that number is far less than the 70% that Avatar made in late 2009, but still better than the average 30-35% in 2016.

Currently, many IMAX cinemas in the US have claimed they want to win more titles for 2D rather than 3D based on the needs of the audience. IMAX Entertainment CEO Greg Foster revealed that they did not abandon 3D movies, but “3D is no longer the top format movie.”

He explains that there are about 35 IMAX movies in theaters every year, but the number of IMAX 3D movies will drop to 5- 10 movies in the next few years.

3D formats are still welcome in international markets. A statistic shows that 56% of digital projections outside North America are showing 3D movies. The same figure in the US and Canada is only 39%.

International audiences are still fond of 3D formats. Photo: Getty Images.
International audiences are still fond of 3D formats. Photo: Getty Images.

ComScore analyst Paul Dergarabedian said: “3D format came so fast in 2010 that a lot of studios rushed to convert their movies to this format, even though they did not prepare for this format from the beginning “.

“Audiences are smart enough to recognize the difference in quality between a film recorded with a 3D camcorder, or even a carefully converted 3D film like the Titanic. They do not want to spend money on such movies anymore, “he emphasized.

2016s is not a successful year for 3D movies. But according many free online movies sites, there are many movies, which we can expect in the future.

Director James Cameron will surely film the next four installments of Avatar in 3D. Even cherishing the audience for 3D films without glasses by using new technology. In addition, Alita: Battle Angel, which he played as producer, was also recorded with a 3D camera from the beginning.

After the success of The Jungle Book, director Jon Favreau is about to tell the famous story of The Lion King. And he will also apply the advanced technology of 3D camcorders to the live-action version of the Lion King.

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