4 mistakes make you look older

how to lock beauty and young

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How to look beautiful? This is big question with the woman in the world. Some people can easily care beauty, another one can not do it and make some mistakes in beauty caring. Let’s see four mistakes make you look older to be cautious and moderation in the care of beauty to avoid causing consequences.

Mistake # 1: Exfoliation

Exfoliation helps the skin look healthier, but if used too frequently or with excessive intensity it can cause the protective layer of skin to disappear. Accordingly, your skin becomes irritated, reddened. At the same time, your body will produce a tremendous amount of oil to compensate for that loss and make your skin worse.

  • Remedies:

+ When Exfoliation is excessive, use a cream containing 1% hydrocortisone cream to decrease irritation.

+ Can use cleanser with aroma-free moisturizer to balance the humidity of skin.

+ Stay away from products with strong ingredients like acid hydroxy alpha and retinoids.

+ Use products contain micro artificial softeners (especially polyethylene compositions) to limit the possibility of scratches on the skin.

+ Exfoliation should only be done gently with a dose of 1 or 2 times per week.

Mistake # 2: teeth whitening

Most types of whitening removers use peroxide to wipe off stains. If you clean your teeth at a reputable establishment, you have control over the impact. If you use self-made teeth whitening products at home, it’s easy to use over the limit of skin. As a result, the excess peroxide will cause skin erosion, causing tooth to be damaged, the gums is sensitive and make your teeth sensitive when eating hot or cold food.

  • Remedies:

+ Immediate treatment is to stop whitening products completely for at least 6 months or until symptoms disappear completely.

+ Using a toothpaste that contains potassium nitrate will help decrease toothache.

+ use fluoride toothpaste directly on the teeth overnight will help restore enamel, teeth will harder back.

+ whiten your teeth at home about every 6 months and do not use whitening products for more than 20 days.

+ Limit eating foods that cause discoloration.

Mistake # 3: using stone for the heel

Although stone is a great healing product on the heels, it is very effective. But when you use too much and too deep, make skin infections as well as to more sensitive skin.

  • Remedies:

+ If bleeding occurs when rubbing the heel, apply topical antibiotic such as bacitracin and bandage, especially do not go to nail until wound healed.

+ Instead of stone containing bacteria, should use sterile steel bar to rub the heel.

+ Rub the heel once a week while bathing so that the dead skin becomes softer.

+ After the heel, can use lotion to care for the feet, the product containing hydroxy acids will help slow the accumulation of dead skin.

Mistake # 4: Use products that thicken the hair

If you use too many mousses, gels or lotions to thicken your hair, alcohol and polymers will accumulate and damage your hair. Polymers make hair heavier and alcohol removes moisture.

  • Remedies:

+ Use hair thickening products, shampoo must be used to remove hair once a week.

+ To make sure your hair is healthy, create thicker hairstyles without the help of thickening chemicals.

+ Use non-alcoholic or water-soluble ingredients to thicken the hair.

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