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– What’s going on guys, welcome back to another top list! Today, howtoget.wiki gonna be showing you the 5 hidden google game that you probably didn’t know before!

Before we starting, I have to tell you something, that please don’t expect a high-end graphically advanced game, instead it is 5 small yet awesome hidden google games that you might enjoy when you board. So let’s start with the first one.

# 1, Snake

Just search snake on Google and click the first search result and prepare to enjoy a great little game.

The Google Doodle commemorating the 2013 Chinese New Year features a classic game from Nokia-era mobile phone dominance.

That’s right, a version of Snake is playable within Google’s search engine.

# 2, Pac-Man.

Just search Pacman and start enjoying The Popular Pacman game from the old arcades.

I still remember, that I played the crap out of the game as I child from my old 8-bit console, and surprisingly I can still enjoy it for quite a while.

This custom Pac-Man game appeared as a Google “doodle” on May 21, 2010.

This playable version of Pac-Man was made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the incredibly popular arcade game.

# 3,T-Rex Run.

Have you ever wondered what the heck this dinosaur doing on your browser, while you are out of the internet?

Well, it is a game, just press the spacebar on your keyboard and you are pretty much started the game, to keep the dino alive avoid those CACTIS by jumbling them over, with the help of your space bar.

Well, it’s an inbuilt chrome browser game that you can enjoy on any google chrome browser while you’re offline.

You can also play this on your handheld devices if you are using a chrome browser and you are offline.

Wanna try this now? Simply unplug your internet or cut the cord.

# 4, Flight Simulator.

Have you ever dreamed flying an aircraft on google earth, well it is possible now!

Download and install google earth to your desktop and then from the menu, click “Tools, and choose Enter Flight Simulator”.

Now you will see this window, from here choose an aircraft and a destination to depart from and then click start flight.

To control the aircraft, you can use these control, pause the video and have a look, if you are interested.

# 5, Breakout.

It is another google search game which you can just start playing by searching “Atari Breakout” on google image,

Breakout is a 1972 arcade game developed by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.

Players control a paddle that bounces a ball into bricks arranged at the top of the screen.

The goal is to volley the ball back and forth between the paddle and the bricks until all the bricks are knocked out.

And that’s all for today, time to wind up. And Thank you guys for reading, see you on next one.

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