5 notes to cure oily skin

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Oily skin is a common problem for many people. Oily skin is prone to have acne. It is the result of large pores and excess oil from the sebaceous glands. This problem is hard to have beauty face but if you take care of your skin carefully you can prevent the problem named oily skin. You still use these skin care tips to take care another type.

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Why is your skin greasy?

Genetics: If your parents have oily skin, you will have high risk of oily skin, large pores and frequent acne.

Abuse of skin care products: We always want to have younger, whiter, smoother, more youthful skin and this prompts you to overuse skin care products, wash your face many times, too much cream, … And finally lead to excessive oily skin.

Weather changes: high temperature and high humidity in spring and summer can stimulate oil glands on your skin to work more. Conversely, when the air becomes cold and dry, your skin becomes dehydrated, which also causes the sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum to compensate and protect the skin.

Medications: Birth control methods can also increase the activity of the oil glands. Similarly, some drugs can cause dehydration and lead to overactive glands to compensate for dry skin.

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Incorrect use: For example, you use an oily skin cleanser, while you have dry skin. This makes your skin have oilier than ever before to replenish lost oil. Therefore, choosing the right skin care products for your skin type is very important. Understanding this will help you better skin care and save a lot.

Hormonal imbalance: For women, the fluctuation of androgen hormones (during pregnancy, pre-menopause) can cause the oil glands to lose control.

When stressed: Your body produces androgen hormones, which leads to more produced oils than normal.

Notes to take care oily skin:

– Oily skin becomes greasy when washed too often and if not washed full. The best way is to wash your face twice a day.

– Using warm water to wash your face also helps to remove excess oil and clear the pores.

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– You can use rose water to make toner after cleansing. It will help seep pores and keep pores from being clogged by dirt and makeup. Natural Tea Oil is a toner that is often used for oily or acne.

– Exfoliate with oatmeal, almond powder or baking soda.

– do not let your hair clog pore, oil-based shampoos contain oil. Besides, you should also regularly clean the surface of the contact with the skin such as soft pillow, face wipes …

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