5 signs tell you that Facebook harm your love

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Facebook is the biggest social network at the moment, many people use facebook app 200 times per day, all of their relationship are built, continued through facebook. So we can see all relationship of someone if we have access to see their facebook account. Therefore, many couple have conficting because of facebook. This article will tell you which signs tell you that Facebook harm your love?

Updating Facebook anytime, anywhere is a habit for many young people. Besides the effect is the tool to communicate, this social network also indirectly caused many conflicts between couples. Check your habits and if you have the following characteristics, it’s time to change. If not, it may adversely affect your relationship.

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  1. Regularly check each other’s personal pages

This is the first sign of instability in your relationship. Because that may be between the two you have the suspicion, the lack of trust the other – this is the main cause kill love. Only those who have been deceived to find new ways to track each other so close. Sit back and talk instead of snooping to “steal” each other’s privacy.

  1. One of two people who likes to “show off”

Even if you have a perfect, happy life, then enjoy it and cherish it secretly. Do not bring everything as the wedding, honeymoons, pregnant, bathing baby, quarrel, … “exposed” to Facebook.

Those who admire your life, bless you only a small amount compared to the majority of people jealousy with you. no one can be sure they will not gossip, hurt your love from those private things?

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  1. Share password

In any circumstance, do not share your email or social network password unless it’s an emergency. The password is the same as a toothbrush. Two people love each other should not use together. On your Facebook, you may have important information that he or she should not know is better.

  1. “dig” the old story from Facebook

Everyone have the past. It may be nice or not but what is past should stay in the past. Do not see the 1-2 information about years ago about her lover / boyfriend to compare with the present and blame. There is no love is the same as other one, so you can not say, “you do not love me as love him/her.”

  1. Curious about your Facebook friends

Questions like “Who is he / she is?”, “I saw her/him, didn’t i?” At first, these statements show your interest in the relationship around him.

But slowly, it can cause unnecessary distractions, especially when the person is crooked, unable to explain clearly to you about their relationship. You just need to know that it is your lover’s friend, do not be too curious.

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