5 solutions instead of unfriend feature on Facebook

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If you do not want to see somebody’s updates on Facebook but do not want to choose the “unfriend” option, you can choose from the Facebook features below.

Not all of us want to see anything Facebook friends update, especially those who update to facebook all the time. However, if you cancel your Facebook, some people will find it and it is hard to see them in real life. So, instead of “unfriend”, there are some effective ways to not be annoyed by unwanted updates, while keeping “peace” between friends.

 Hide Stories / Mute Posts

If you find the content annoying on the News Feed, you can remove it from the page by simply clicking on the arrow next to the post, selecting “hide” to hide it. You can also “report spam” if you find it necessary. Then, Facebook will give you the choice of the type of update you want to see or stream your new stream.

  1. Reorganize News Feed

If you choose to “rearrange who you want to see on the News Feed”, Facebook lets you go through a simple process to customize your new message experience. Facebook will tell you which of your friends or recent pages you have not interacted with and can choose to view fewer updates from them or move them to the “familiar” list.

  1. Refresh updates from friends

After hiding content from friends as part 1, Facebook offers the option to change the type of content you want to receive updates from, such as image updates, status updates …

  1. Add to the restriction list

Facebook added to the list of “Restricted” and “Acquaintances” lists so you do not have to “unfriend” your friends. Putting someone in the “Restricted” list ensures that he / she can only see your updates publicly, and “Acquaintances” limits how many people display on the News Feed.

To view a list or create a new list, find and click on the Friends tab in the left menu bar. To add someone to the list, click the list and type his or her Facebook name.

  1. Set the sharing mode before updating

If you are preparing to post controversial content, you can “remove” some people from the list who can view it by re-installing the share. Just click on the drop down box next to the “post” button when updating status. The “Custom” option allows only the content to be displayed to the special list.

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