5 steps to do before deleting Facebook

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We can not deny that Facebook brings us closer, but if you want to give up Facebook social network because of any problems, here are some ways to get started.

If you want to be sure to delete your account, which is disappeared completely from Facebook, here are some things to do before clicking the delete account button.  Note that deleting accounts and deactivation is not the same, deactivate the account can be rebooted at any time but the deleted account will disappear forever after 14 days since deleted.

  1. Check out apps that connect to Facebook

facebook setting

Check the connection application in Account Settings / Apps.

There are many websites and applications on the web that require login with your Facebook account, when you delete the account you will lose connection with those websites. To check your connected apps go to Account Settings, then select Apps. If you want to keep using applications or want to sign in without using Facebook you can switch the login format in the application or website if possible.

  1. Download private information from Facebook

For those who want to wipe out all Facebook access profiles but still want to keep timeline set up on this social network, you can do that. Facebook has allowed users to download all the information as well as established timeline. To download this content you go to the Account Settings, in this custom section, the line “Download a copy of your Facebook data” help you download your Facebook “history”.

account facebook setting

The profile download feature helps users save memories with this social network.

If you want to keep conversations with friends on Facebook you can use the Forward Message feature to send the conversation to the email.

The ability Forward Message will help you keep conversations with friends on Facebook.

  1. Ask friends birthday

ask friends facebook birthday

It sounds weird, but with the advent of Facebook, we seem to have forgotten our close friends’ birthdays. If you do not use Facebook to connect, you will have to memorize all these days then use the traditional way to celebrate your birthday. This would probably be the most annoying thing to give up on anyone’s Facebook.

  1. Ask for contact information

Facebook is a place of exchange for millions of people, traditional means of communication such as phone calls, texting or chatting through the chat application are no longer popular since Facebook appeared. Ask your friend’s contact information as it may be possible after you delete Facebook you will have no way to contact your friends.

  1. Prepare for … leaving out “Facebook”

facebook trash

If you do not “addicted” to Facebook, leaving this social network is not difficult. However, if you visit Facebook nearly 200 times a day this will be a big challenge for you. Be prepared as well as other activities to gradually replace Facebook in everyday, set the habit of non-Facebook activities and set their own barriers to not relapse.  14 days before the account is completely deleted will be difficult if there is not enough effort.


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