5 tips to stay away from Facebook

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Facebook is a place where we can interact with friends through chatting, sharing photos, participating in debates, or even sending invitations to our events. However, if you spend hours in front of your computer, or smartphone with facebook application, you may be addicted to Facebook. And that will make you lose a lot of precious time – times that you could use to meet friends and relatives directly. And of course, it will also adversely affect your work.

Facebook addiction
Facebook addiction

Apply the following 5 simple ways to quit Facebook:

  1. Ask your people around you to control your use of Facebook

Trust and rely on relatives, such as your parents or friends, to help you overcome this “addiction”. Tell them that they only allow you to access Facebook every day an hour in your spare time. Then, whatever you say, they shut down the computer and get you busy with other activities.

  1. Turn off the Internet

You need to realize that during business hours, Facebook is a big cause of distraction. So, when working without using internet, do not hesitate to disconnect internet. You also do not check the email if it’s not necessary to avoid the risk of surfing Facebook.

Turn off the internet
Turn off the internet
  1. Do not install the Facebook application on your mobile phone

With the help of advanced technology, Facebook’s “addictions” are more likely to become stronger as we get access even when on the road to work or travel. Therefore, do not download this app to your mobile phone. Only limited use on the computer will help you more “cut off” more.

The Facebook application
The Facebook application
  1. Outdoor activities

Whenever you want to use Facebook, remind yourself that it’s a good idea to meet friends face to face. You should Call friends or organize small parties to gather together. In addition, you can also take part in some sports activities and divert your attention beyond Facebook.

  1. Always remember that using Facebook too much is a waste of time

Make a list of tasks and tasks that you can accomplish during the day. In the job diary, you can also point out the amount of time that you can save and the efficiency of your work if you do not use Facebook.

These simple measures will help you limit the use of Facebook to have a real life. The important thing is that you control your need, you can meet people on Facebook, not use Facebook to meet people.

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