6 makeup principles you do not necessarily follow

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Sometimes, the familiar makeup principles are not necessary to follow. There are things we can break and create in our own way to make up attractive face.

 People follow the rules to make sure they are doing the safest and most consistent way, but it is not totally true. There are things we can break and create in our own way. Here are six principles you do not necessarily follow.

  1. Do not make highlights both the lips and eyes at the same time

We have known this rule for a long time, but the truth has proved that a super-impressive smoky eye completely absorbed into a red lip.

  1. Use a concealer first, then apply foundation cream

In fact, many girlfriends use foundation cream first and then use concealer. Because, they want to see if their backgrounds are really fine and covered, then conceal red spots or dark areas if the foundation does not cover them. For example, if you want the eye to look brighter than other areas to look fresh and sober, they will use concealer behind the foundation. And this way is still very effective.

  1. Use specialized products for different area

This principle is “wasteful” while the current trend is saving and fast. You can use your red lipstick or eye powder as a blush, using on cheeks. Some types of products are safe for your eyes, cheeks and lips. use advantage of what you have.

  1. Apply the cream before the foundation

Remember that 10 years ago, no one knew what foundation cream was. If you have dry skin, then you really need a moisturizer cream instead of foundation cream. or you can use lotions for big pores as normal

  1. Apply the foundation cream to the neck

You want your neck and face to be the same color, but the truth is that your face and neck rarely have the same color. Your face receives more sunlight than your neck because your neck and chin are covered so its will meet the sun less than the face. Make sure your chest and face are the same color. For the neck you only need use a little powder to look brighter.

  1. Let the mascara dry and then brush into many layers

In fact, this is the personal preference of some people but actually mascara is easier to brush when wet. If you want long and thick eyelashes then follow 3 steps. The first step is to use the curler to create curves and shape for your eyelashes. In Step 2, Brush the beginning of your eyelashes first, and then brush the tail of your eyelashes. If you wait for the mascara to dry and then comb it again, you will get stuck and confused.

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