6 Signs of Facebook addiction

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Facebook is attracting the attention of a large number of Internet users. Even more, many users spend a lot of time on Facebook and there are signs of “addiction.” That’s why the Norwegian psychologist has conducted a survey to see which of these signs addiction to Facebook.

 Dr. Cecillie Schou Andreassen, Ph.D., of the University of Bergen, Norway, conducted the survey by asking six questions to assess whether you are good at Facebook and how much time you spend. The survey was conducted last year with 423 people.

The results show that young people are more addicted to Facebook and women addicts Facebook more than men. People with psychological insecurity and less security consciousness tend to be more addicted to Facebook because in their relationship, it is easier to communicate than face-to-face.

Dr. Andreassen relies on respondents’ responses to be divided into 5 levels of rating you use Facebook: Very Few, Few, Sometimes, Frequently and Very Frequently. If the survey respondents have 4/6 questions, they are considered Facebook addicts.

Dr. Andreassen’s report also shows how Facebook has an impact on personal life. Those who are ambitious, organized minded tend to be less addicted to Facebook but are more likely to use Facebook for work.

Please try answering the following questions to see if you are a Facebook addict:

  1. Do you often think of Facebook or plan to use it?
  2. Do you feel the need to use Facebook more?
  3. Do you use Facebook to forget your problem?
  4. Did you try to give up Facebook without success?
  5. You feel restless, uncomfortable not using Facebook?
  6. Do you use Facebook so much that it has a negative effect on learning or work?

Results: Answered 4/6 questions answered that you are addicted to Facebook.

And the danger of Facebook addiction

A recent report shows that people who are addicted to Facebook have a higher risk of having a “big belly” than those who do not.

This report was conducted at Columbia University and the University of Pittsburgh (USA). According to the report results, people who regularly use Facebook can be fat faster than others because they lost control of themselves.

This report shows that Facebook addicts will consume unhealthy foods, especially when consumed quickly when they are chatting with their Facebook friends passionately.

In the addition, the frequent use of Facebook to meet friends also makes parties more frequent and that is one of the important causes for increasing body weight.

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