7 weird tips are useful with many people

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When listening to the following beauty tips, you can immediately think that “There is a crazy idea” but the truth is they are more effective than your imagination.

1. Long and thick eyelashes with cotton wool⦁ long and thick eyelashes with cotton wool

Firstly, you use mascara as usual. Then, take a small cotton wool to rub the mascara on it – the purpose of this is to put the tiny cotton fibers from the cotton wool clinging to the mascara. Your next step is to add one or two extra turn of mascara on your eyelashes as you wish, you will find that your eyelashes are longer and thicker than using the mascara normally.

2. Use red lipstick to cover dark circles⦁ Use red lipstick to cover dark circles

This sounds crazy, but it really works. The reason is that red / orange is the color opposite blue / violet on the color palette, so applying red lipstick on dark circles (which is blue or purple) will help you hide the hated defect. However, you need to pay attention properly if you do not want to be look like a clown.

First, you use a small red lip / orange brush on the dark circles under the eyes into a thin layer and lightly dip fingers to make the color more even. Then, proceed to conceal the concealer (wax or liquid form as you like) as usual. Your face may look silly during the execution but the final result really deserves.

3. Use a piece of cardboard to brush the mascara

In order not to stick mascara on eyelids when drawing the eyelashes, apply a piece of clean cardboard cover on the eyelids, just above the eyelashes. The cover will act as a shield that will “catch” all smudges, keeping your eyelids clean.

4. Lighten the area under the arms with the potato

There are huge numbers of reasons for the skin under your arm to become darker or darker than other areas of your body. This may be due to the type of deodorant you are using, ỏ possibly due to shaving / waxing, may also be due to locomotive, etc. For whatever reason, this also makes you lose confidence significantly. To lighten the skin safely and effectively, cut half the potato and rub lightly on the skin twice a day. potato contains enzyme catecholase, a benign whitening substance to whitening and blurring bruise.

5. Cateye is more perfect with a spoon

Do you always shake hands when the eyeliner and do not know how to have the same of both sides? Your unexpected helper in this case is the spoon. Apply a spoon to the eye and do eyeliner along the edge of the spoon. Too simple right?

6. Use a hairclip to create a perfect ponytail

The high ponytail will be more attractive when the tail is full of puffiness. Even if you have thinning hair, you can still cheat on the ends of your hair by hairclip in the middle of your hair. This will help your ponytail get fuller but still naturally.

7. Blush before doing the cream foundation to have a more natural face makeup

You sometime see yourself look like a clown when you hit your cheek even though try to do it so light. For a rosy beautiful cheek as natural, you try to brush the blush first and then drawn the cream foundation. Then, the cream foundation will “dissolve” the brightness of the cheeks but still enough to give the effect of natural pink. This is the secret of many favorite makeup experts.

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