8 tips for beautiful brown skin

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A brown skin, unlike pink and white skin, skin care of this skin will need more special attention from the girl. Let’s find out how to take care a beauty brown skin.

  1. Avoid ultraviolet rays

care skin ultraviolet ray

This note is absolutely necessary for all of us, including those who have pink skin from childhood. When meet to sunlight, Remember to Apply UV protective cream, one for body, one for face after applying liquid foundation, or apply a liquid foundation that contains anti UV is best for you.

  1. Use moisturizer regularly.

Just a thin layer of moisturizer after we apply liquid foundation cream is enough to help skin smoother and younger. to convenience, you should moisturize the skin every evening after a very cleaning your face. because in the morning, after using liquid foundation, we have to use UV protective cream.

  1. Soak in warm water

beauty skin with warm water

Hot water can dry your skin, so use warm water for daily bathing. Of course, when going to the spa, avoid the beauty treatments in high temperature, especially for face, because facial skin is sensitive skin and is the confidence of the girl.

  1. Control the amount of oil

You have dark tone skin, is a type of oily skin or mixed oily skin, do not worry when faced with this hot weather? Beauty tips for women is to use a little lemon juice before step beauty moisturize to have a dry, clean skin, to be less oily. Note, when using cosmetics with moisturizing essence, you should only use a very small amount. Controlling the amount of oil on the skin also prevents the possibility of acne on the face. turn your skin into a healthy, vibrant, smooth and brown without acne blemishes.

  1. Toner – the key to clean the skin

clean skin care with toner

Toner is a step to strengthen the cleanser in our daily cleansing skin. Not only that, it also helps control the amount of oil on the face. Use toner daily for a smooth and fresh complexion.

  1. Apply a mask – once a week

There are dozens of mask formulas, the kind of mask that you refer to your skin. Applying a mask is also a way to have a brighter complexion. But keep in mind that women often wear facial skin two to three times a week. With brown skin, we should only mask once a week.

  1. Exfoliation

skin care

Once a week, take some time to exfoliate your skin. To remove dirt and all excess plaque on the skin is the method of beauty necessary for all skin types.

  1. Stay away from chalk

beauty face, skin care

With brow skin like us, the first consideration when makeup is never apply too thick powder, you will turn yourself into a “false” face if you use too many liquid foundation.

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