Things should not be shown on Facebook (part 2)

There are many dangerous people on Facebook, number of facebook user is increasing day by day. Beside, Facebook security policy can not protect us in real life, so you need to protect yourselves by hiding following informations.

  1. Short trips leave the house

Although the new Facebook Places location feature helps you locate where you are and share your location on Facebook (maybe at a park restaurant, or a supermarket). But you should think carefully before sharing i

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nformation about short walks away from your home. Things like “I’m going out running the gym” or “I’m in the shopping mall to shop for my daddy” will be a valuable message to help thieves know when to break into the right place, go and rob your house.

  1. Your photos are too private

Rude, personal photos or photos accusing others on Facebook can leave you jobless or worse. Even deleted photos can still make you in troubles.

The Ars Technica site discovered that Facebook’s servers were capable of storing deleted photos for an indefinite period of time. “It’s true, some people who previously could have access to a photo and hosted directly from my network content distribution partner could still access the photo,” said a spokeswoman. Facebook shares with Ars Technica.

  1. Confession

Fraud on the tax return? Unbearable about the boss? Things that should not be shared on Facebook. Facebook’s security settings may allow you to set the group for which you want to share certain information. For example, you can create a group in which only your best friends are, but once sensitive, illegal information is posted, it is difficult to delete them and it is difficult to keep them in secret or dispersed.

There are many examples of layoffs, as well as a few who have been arrested for over-sharing on Facebook.

  1. Your phone number

Take control of where you can publicize your phone number. When you publish a phone number on Facebook, including only friends, others (former lover, friend, high school friend, friend of friend) may know and calling to disturb you.

Programmer Tom Scott created an application called Evil, which can scan / display any phone number posted on Facebook.

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