After few clicks, your facebook account can be hacked easily

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Having seen a hot news on facebook social networking, Han was curious to read it. Immediately, this link leads to a black site. Because of lack of knowledge, Han had fallen into the trap of a crook. her facebook account has been stolen. This story tell you about threats on facebook site.

There are habits like many white-collar workers, Han often surf facebook in morning, read the news on facebook app in 30 minutes. The hot information always curious to Han. There fore, she just saw a hot news on the social network, she was curious to read it immediately.

 Just one click ,many people have lost their facebook account.
Just one click ,many people have lost their facebook account.

She does not know that this is a fake news site, created by the crook to trick the victim, who click to strange links without doubting. When falling into the “matrix” of high-tech criminals, the facebook account of the owner will be stolen immediately. Many security experts warned, this stealth facebook account stealing is not new, but recently there are signs of outbreaks.

Speaking to reporter, an information technology expert said: “In 2014, the status of facebook account stealing appear and rise. after The past two years have been settling down, at the moment it has the sign of comeback. More seriously, facebook users are tagged into fake news sites, fascinated by the shocking articles, discussing the human sexual life. This is the trap, the form of fraud on the network by hackers. People should be wary, should not read the news page unknown origin.”

According to a network security experts, many netizens in USA have to deal with the problem of spam, malicious code on facebook or related fake links. Every day, there are thousands of fake facebook page created by hackers, in order to steal account. The stolen accounts will be distributed malicious code, which use account to chat with friends, relatives of the owner to deceive property misuse. The simplest offender is borrowing money by titular of the victim.

In order to prevent stealing facebook accounts, IT experts warn, people should not follow the instructions on unofficial news sites, originated unknowingly. At the same time, observe the display under the status bar whether the display is the same as the sharing address. If there is a discrepancy (displaying a different page address), then it is a dummy address,do not a click it.

High tech culprit

Recently, Lee (18 years old) was tried at the local Court for using computer network, telecommunication network, internet or digital equipment to usurp property

According to the indictment, in April 2014, lee often played at many casino . In order to have money to play casino, lee tend to steal the facebook account of many people, and then imitates the account holder to commit fraudulent misappropriation of assets

Technology criminals can steal your account anytime
Technology criminals can steal your account anytime


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