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Hey, guys. I like to show you programs that can be good alternatives to expensive software coming up on howtoget.wiki. I will let you know the absolute best free software for your PC that I use they can get right now. These will be separated into several categories.

 Best Office Suite

Let’s get started in the office suite category, you have several options including OpenOffice and WP office free. The free version of WP office is ad-supported otherwise, it would be tops in this category.

LibreOffice is currently the best free office suite and is a great alternative to Microsoft Office. It’s free and open source, in fact, many of the developers, that used to work on OpenOffice. Now developed for Libre included in the suite our worthy alternative to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

LibreOffice used to have compatibility issues. Lately, I have not run into any issues when converting documents, so it’s improved quite a bit. You can get Libre Office on Windows Mac and Linux.

Also to be considered are the online office suites from Google and there’s also office online from Microsoft. On your PC both are browser-based and don’t require that software is downloaded.

Best Graphics Editor

If you’re looking for a graphics editor Inkscape is really good. paint.net is also worth checking out for casual users. This should come as no surprise that GIMP is the best FREE graphics editor that you can get.

It’s a very good alternative to photoshop although it does lack many features and the user interface, it not quite as well polished as that software. GIMP includes many filters picture controls and other tools that can help you to create high-quality images.

If you’re looking to getting started with GIMP to have a tutorial section on their side but I have found that YouTube has more useful video tutorials for beginners. GIMP is available on Windows Mac and Linux.

Best Video Editor

The video editor category has a lot of competition including our runner-up which is Lightworks. DaVinci Resolve slightly edges out light works as the best free video editor that you can get.

Depending on your editing style, some of you may actually prefer light works. DaVinci Resolve also offers a paid version of the software. But for most, the free version will be all that you need.

It’s packed with a ton of professional-level editing tools and there is a high learning curve, so be prepared to spend a lot of time watching tutorials if you plan to use this program. If you want to check it out DaVinci Resolve 14 is available on Windows Linux and Mac. DaVinci Resolve 14 studio is their paid version.

For those of you looking for an easier to use video editor with less of a learning curve Shotcut is also a good option.

Best Antivirus

There’s a wide range of quality software that can take care of your antivirus needs. The best antivirus and anti-spyware program you can get right now is BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition.

It consistently gets high scores in various independent test results for detecting threats including viruses: Trojans, worms, rootkits, adware, and has a near-perfect malware detection rate. Other features include malicious URL blocking, phishing protection, and an on-demand scan.

BitDefender is available on Windows and Mac, and you can also install it on an Android phone or tablet.

Best Web Browser

T the web browser is the most important program that you can have on your computer. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to visit your favorite websites this category will have two different winners.

If you are concerned about privacy and security, Brave is the best web browser for you. This lightweight browser which is available on Windows, Linux and Mac offer advanced ad tracking tools and great speeds.

For the rest of you, Chrome is still king. It offers very good speeds. it’s simple to use and has the largest selection of extensions to enhance your browsing experience.

I’m currently in the middle of reevaluating many of the best browsers for an up video, so it’s possible these two browsers may lose their top spots in this category.

Best Video Player

I have tried several media players for playing video. The VLC media player is the best FREE video player that you can get. There are others out there but I don’t find them to be as reliable as VLC.

Available on Windows Linux and Mac, it supports just about every video file type available. It runs quickly and has a ton of features. It will also play your audio files as well but I primarily use it for video files. VLC is constantly being updated to accommodate the latest standards.

 Best 3D Modeling Creator

For those of you with advanced creativity skills, the best 3d modeling Creator is Blender. It offers a toolset for creating animated films 3d printed models, visual effects, and a whole lot more. It even has its own video editor.

The software has a very high learning curve. Thankfully they have a support section.

Where you can access documentation tutorials and get help from the blender community. Blender is available on Windows Mac and Linux.

 Best Music Editor

If you’re looking for free music editing software, Lmms is the best that you can get. It allows you to create music on your computer with several instruments and plugins. It has a lot of features that include the ability to compose music, mix tracks and add effects.

This is another program that will take a while to master. Their documentation section includes a getting started guide and video tutorials. Lmms is available on Linux Windows and Mac.

Best Video Converter

If you ever need to convert a video over to another file type Handbrake is the best free video converter. Simply it can take just about any known format type and convert it into another known format.

It even has built-in presets to make the process easier for you. Handbrake is currently available for Mac Windows and the Linux distro, Ubuntu.

Best Video Converter

There are a lot of free audio editors that you can get, but Audacity is still the best free audio editor out there. It features the tools you need to record and mix audio with support for most file types.

Many appreciate how easy it is to edit their audio, and it comes with a full range of effects to customize your recordings. You can get Audacity for Windows Mac and Linux.

And unlike some of the other so-called free competitors. None of the features in audacity are hidden behind a paywall.

What is your best free software? Let me know in the comments. Thank you.


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