How to check your private information collected by Facebook?

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Do not expect this removal will help you see ads less than before doing it, it simply changed from an advertisement of Facebook to another advertisement on Facebook.

Facebook collects a huge amount of personal information from each user, it can be phone, computer, operating system, or what web browser you use, or whether you are away from home.

“If you do not lose money (to buy a product), you are the product,” is what people use to refer to free services on the internet. This statement is true when you use Facebook, the largest social network in the world today.

Facebook has nearly 2 billion users, offering a great deal of free content that makes it easy for many of us to spend a lot of time daily. In both now and in the future, Facebook is constantly seeking to stay on top of its website, as well as other services it owns such as Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram. That’s because, the more Facebook you use, the more information the company gets about you. The personal information is that Facebook is used to invite advertisers to spend money to promote products on the site, bring money to Facebook. The Facebook data collected about you is collected by the company in a small box, and it looks like the image below:

As you can see, Facebook knows what smartphone you are using, the operating system of your computer, the web browser you use, the travel habits … All data is collected based on the basis of Pages You like, the status you write, or what your friends like, where your position is, what your career is in … It’s almost a pretty comprehensive picture of each individual. More frightening is that the above is more likely to be just a piece of information Facebook has about us, the part publicly disclosed by Facebook.

Someone will say that it’s great that an online service like Facebook can know more about each individual, but perhaps many will find it scary when privacy is more or less has been compromised.

You can check the information Facebook collected about yourself at the Ads Preferences page here. On this page, go to your Information> Your Information> Your Categories. You can also install to remove ads on topics you do not care about. However, do not expect this removal to help you see fewer ads, which simply change from one to another.

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