Do you know two special features on Facebook?

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There are many people spend hours on using Facebook full site or Facebook app, but do you think you know all features of Facebook? Here are two special facebook features, which are not familiar with many Facebook users.

  1. Facebook Social Network has a grading system for your friends

Have you ever asked why your Facebook search box prefers to show someone instead of everyone else? even though the keyword is related to two people. Or do you concern why the post of this person is preferred to display on your News Feed, not the other … the reason is simple, Facebook has a rating system for your friends. Facebook follow and know you chat, chat, talk more… with who. Facebook also knows you are … watching someone. And this social network is based on that level of interactivity to prioritize the display of the results.

Many people would be curious to see how Facebook evaluates their friends. And there are also many tools created to decipher this secret. However, the tool by Arjun Sreedharan – a new script recently introduced, can be said to be the easiest solution.

You can see how does Facebook evaluate your friends with this tool by following these steps:

– Drag the link to the bookmark bar of the browser

– Login to Facebook and click on the bookmark

The transcript that Facebook uses to evaluate your friends’ rankings, thus displaying their posts in the News Feed.

You will see a list of the “transcripts” Facebook uses to evaluate your friends (in this section you ignore “undefined” sections). According to Sreedharan, the lower the score, the higher the score for Facebook. However, the author also acknowledged that perhaps only Facebook could explain exactly the meaning of the numbers. for the user, it only works to let you know who you are interacting with most, and at least to whom.

  1. Users can read the newspaper directly on Facebook

With the Instant Articles app, Facebook users can download articles directly, instead of having to visit the same link as reading before.

After most leaking information about Instant Articles, Facebook recently launched this feature. The service will allow a range of major newspapers and news outlets to directly publish news on the Facebook interface.

Facebook is a great source of access to many newspapers and that is why publishers regularly post links to their posts on this social network. However, the biggest difficulty of linking on a mobile device is that the download speed is usually quite slow. Instant Articles was born to overcome that disadvantage.

Users can read newspapers directly on Facebook through Instant Articles

Currently, Facebok’s services will co-publish stories from nine media outlets, including the world’s most prestigious newspapers such as The New York Times and The Guardian. There are also BuzzFeed, National Geographic, NBC, The Atlantic, BBC, and Spiegel and Bild.

With this new feature, Facebook will display full news and video content on the user’s News Feed without having to open a new tab or open a secondary browser in the mobile Facebook app.

In additio0n, some other features that enhance the experience for users are also updated by Facebook, including zooming in by tilting the phone, automatically launching videos as you drag to the content, like or comment and comment on each part of the article.

“Instant Articles allow newspapers to publish articles at a fast, high-interactive speed while still controlling the content of their articles and business models. This will benefit both the press and the publisher, “said Chris Cox, product manager for Facebook.

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