How to get fast hair growth naturally?

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There are many tips to get fast hair growth. But if you do not need to make your hair growth in short time, you can enhance your hair growth ability by notes in this article.

  1. How to care your hair in right way

  • Wipe the hair: Do not simply wipe the hair with a dry towel and rub the water out, but use a soft cotton towel to gently wipe the hair. This way will not only protect the hair roots (because when the hair is wet, hair roots “hatch” will be very weak) but also avoid drying hair. You should not twist your hair to dry because the weak hair root is the cause of hair loss and drying hair cause of twist.
  • Applying a conditioner: Apply a layer of conditioner before using the brush. This helps not only the hair is moisturized, but also help brushing hair.
  • brush wet hair: Wet hair is very fragile, vulnerable. When the hair is wet, the hair is stretched, so hair is is to breakage. Experts advise not to brush your hair immediately after shampooing. However, if you can not ignore this step, then you need to brush properly.

  • A bristle brush can be used to brush the hair in the right direction; Hold a handful of hair and brush from the middle of the hair to the ends of the hair, then brush from the roots to the middle of the hair. Brushing your hair does not get tangled up; It also stimulates the blood circulation in the root of the hair, while also massaging the hair and scalp to help comfort, ease, reduce headaches.
  • Do not use too much dryer: many people choose to use the dryer to dry hair. However, this is very harmful to hair, easy to dry hair, split and not to mention the heat of the dryer easy to lose hair. When you have to use hairdryer, let the hair dryer to the hair roots (not too close to the scalp), it is helpful to dry the scalp does not cause dandruff, foul hair and still retain the shine of hair
  • No styling when hair wet: when Stretching, drying at high temperatures causes the hair to boil, evaporate quickly and cause damage to the hair, resulting in dry hair, break.
  1. Note to take care hair

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  • Find the best shampoo and hair care products for your hair. You should choose baby shampoos or herbal hair care products. These products will less damage to your fast-growing hair.
  • When having the best hair care products, wash your hair three times a week. After shampooing, you can add almonds, olive oil and jojoba oil to your long-growing hair.
  • Hot-incubation your hair in about 20 minutes. This will stimulate your hair to be beautiful and grow faster.
  • Take care of your hair with products dedicated to stimulating thick hair.
  • Take your dry hair for 5 minutes and take care of some hair growth products. Keeps hair growth healthy and optimal.
  • Continue the hair care with these hair care products for about 3 weeks. And you will be thick, long, healthy in a very short time.

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