How to Get Free 7.1 Surround Sound On Your Headphones Now!

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Hey, today howtoget.wiki gonna be show you a very use full tip related to sound. Once I heard about it, I think it’s not gonna impress me that much, because I’m already using some, high-end stuff. Then I have had a chance to hear it myself, and what to say. I shocked! I have no words to say, it’s truly good. And I feel like I’m hearing the sound from a THX certified surround sound system. Anyway, I’m not gonna build up anything. You can just hear it yourself, once we set everything up. I hope you already saw the title, so let’s cut the suspense. Today’s topic is, how to get, best-in-Class 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound, On any Stereo Headphones.

I repeat any of them. No matter whether you’re using a mid-range headset or a high-end one. It just works fine with any of them.

All I can say, it is just feeling like a magic to me. If you are an extreme gamer, movie watcher music listener, just give it a try.

And I’m sure you gonna love it. Guys, I’m talking some real deal here.

This is no joke, experience it yourself, and comment it below.

So more people gonna know this video is legit. And give it thumbs as well, if you don’t mind.

So let’s stop talking more and start the action. be ready, and pay attention.

Let’s start! The first thing is first, just go to this website and download this tool: https://goo.gl/7f4kSg

So check out that. It is a software called Razer Surround. From a famous tech company called Razer.

They have already developed many astonishing products and technology.

And if you are a gamer or techie you probably heard about them before.

So that is my Main attraction to try their new software.

But fortunately, they won’t disappoint me again.

This software has a free version, limited ability, and they have a pro version as well, which will cost you a few dollar. If you won’t mind buying it, go ahead, it worth it.

Of course, it has some extra features, but let me say, the free version is enough, to enjoy the 7.1 virtual surround sound, and it is full version free software.

Means you don’t have to buy anything later, like when you using trial software, you have to purchase the complete version, in order to use it after the trial period ends.

But this is really free. Once you installed, it is yours forever. So let’s go ahead and get the free one.

And you can see it’s downloading, I don’t think it takes much to download, because it’s a very small program, in terms of file size, but it can bring great changes to you. And it just finished downloading.

So let’s go to the file location, and install it. Double click on the “Razer Surround Installer.exe”.

Now it will ask you for permission to run the setup. So let’s click on yes! Then you will see the installation window.

It is pretty much easy to install and setup, like any other normal programs out there.

But for more clarity on things, I would like to walk you through. It says the installer will download and install Razer Synapse 2.0 and Razer Surround.

So it looks like we have couple more things to download, So let’s check this box and accept the terms and condition to use the program.

Now click on next. And leave it for some time, until its finish the process. Hope it will take a long time.

So I suggest you, sit back and relax until its finish. Hey, guys, the installation is just done, and now you will see this window.

Which will ask you to signup using your razer user id and password? If you don’t have one, Click on this “Create Account” button, And create a new razer account using your email id, for free.

Just fill up your email id, and give here a random password. Now repeat the same password here as well, for confirmation.

Now click inside this box, to agree, the terms of service and policy. Finally, click on “Create Account”.

Then they will send you an email with a verification link inside.

So open up your email inbox and click on the verification link, and you did create your first razor account.

Now you can sign in using this account with any other razer software as well.

Once you created the account get back here and sign in using your razer id and password that we just created.

In my case, I already have one. So let’s put that here and click on login. Now it will verify your account.

Once it does, you will get here, on the Razer Surround software interface.

Your razer surround software is pre-calibrated. for best performance.

You don’t need to do anything to make it better. Just close the window and enjoy the 7.1 it will run in your background forever and you will get the 7.1 virtual surround sound experience.

But if you need to calibrate it yourself you can do it by clicking on this, “calibration wizard and start the calibration process.

For further more information on calibration, please follow the on-screen instructions.

On the surround tab, if you want you can take a Demo, of the virtual surround sound.

For that, you have to click on this Surround Demo button.

Then I will play a track which sounds like a war zone in a game.

So I suggest you hear it by turning off and in the virtual surround mode.

And you can feel the difference, for now, we are helpless to give you a live demo, on the surround sound.

Because we can’t record the difference in virtual 7.1 and normal sound.

And the second reason is, playing a soundtrack on a video, without proper permission.

Will leads to a content id strike. So I can’t take a chance.

But there is nothing stopping you from sharing your experience with us.

We are very much needed your review to make our contents better.

So please leave a message down below, and let us know your experience with the razer 7.1 virtual surround sound.

If you want you can adjust the default calibration settings.

And you can do it by going to the settings tab and Enhancements tab.

And doing so without knowing may result in incorrect calibration errors.

So beware of messing up with these settings, and please be care full about it.

Enjoy your 7.1 surround sound! Hope you have a great day, See you guys and girls on the next one. Until then, peace out!

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