1. Yvonne

    I absolutely hate that you have changed Hotmail to outlook. I have a very difficult time logging into this as it comes up with my husbands name and the system will not let me put my name in. Gr-r-r-r-r-r

  2. Betty Gade

    My e-mail account has been totally wiped clean of all saved messages, folders, contacts, etc., and I’d like to know why. I want all my info back…………NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Janet Wolfe

    I cannot access my email account. Even after receiving a security code on Outlook, I cannot get back to the page to enter it. When receiving a Security Code by telephone, all that I get is “Good-bye.” I need to access my email on MSN.

  4. tina

    I got an email in my junk folder that said I requested to have my email account deleted on my laptop. the email said it was from Hotmail and the case number is (Case: HTM6734641999). Now I am unable to retrieve emails on my laptop. Is this a scam? I did not request to have my email terminated. How do I get my Hotmail account back on my laptop?

  5. Donna Lynn Brown

    I cannot access my Hotmail account.I want my Hotmail back.asap !!!All my emails are gone.I operate my small business from Hotmail. I do not want outlook and I have no account with Outlook nor can they cannot say want mail is Focused. How or who can I contact to fix this Problem.

  6. Linda Hayman

    I have a hotmail account that I know nothing about. If people reply to my emails, the replies go to a hotmail account instead of my btinternet account. I’ve tried to access the hotmail account but cannot. Please help!

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