How to clean up your facebook wall

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Many people use Facebook have a habit of sharing their status related to life, idea,etc.  Sometimes there are some cheerful statuses, check-in, but sometimes there are dozens of sad statuses, “no emotion” … but sometimes looking back you will be laughable and embarrassed. However, if only a few status, is quite simple and fast to delete or hide it, but if you have dozens of crazy status then surely delete each status is a big problem, isn’t it? But luckily for you there is a solution for you, which is Facebook Post Manager. In addition, we can use Hide That Post! Facebook Filter to clear it more on facebook app.

  1. Facebook Post Manager

Facebook Post Manager is an extension for Google Chrome. This gadget has the function to help users statistics, listing and allow users to delete or hide the status that they have posted in a specified time.

Specifically how to use Facebook Post Manager like? Please read the following reference.

First open up the Google Chrome browser and visit this link, then click “Add To Chrome” to proceed to download and install this add-on for the browser.

Facebook Post Manager installation screen.

The next thing to do after installing Facebook Post Manager is to restart your browser.

Select View Activity Log.

After you have restarted Google Chrome, go to your personal Facebook page and look for the View Activity Log option.

On the Activity Log page, click the Facebook Post Manager icon to access its selection menu.

Click it

  1. Hide That Post! Facebook Filter

You can use the Hide That Post widget! Facebook Filter to filter out all unwanted content from the News Feed message board, even if the article is on another person’s profile.

Many people said they felt a headache every day on Facebook also full information about Pokémon Go, cheat car donation, sell battery charger … Even a few days ago, the network community to share each other video about “artificial mango” China has not proven origin.

In essence, this is a genetically modified mango, with no seeds and grown in the many area. Obviously, the unpredictable sharing of information has made many people fall into misery.

To refine the content of nonsense and avoid overpopulation of information on Facebook, you can apply the following tips:

– Step 1: First, install the Hide That Post! Facebook Filter (FF) for Chrome browser, Cocoa, Yandex or Opera.

– Step 2: Next, open up Facebook and click on the icon of the FF gadget in the upper right corner. If you want to hide articles containing hacker keywords, pokemon go … users just enter keywords into the Keywords box and separated by commas. In contrast, the words in the Exclusions frame will always be displayed on Facebook.

– Step 3: Finally, click Save to save the settings. Immediately articles containing blocked keywords will be automatically hidden.

FF works much better than other utilities, does not slow down and hides the posts on other people’s pages.

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