How to get long hair in a week

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If you do not have the confidence of your hair, or if you have a trouble of bald and are trying to stimulate hair growth faster, do not skip the article to grow hair faster in a week!

  1. How to make hair grow fast for weak hair

  • Changes hair habits

– Thermal Limit: High temperatures are one of the first causes of broken hair and weak hair, or even hair. Therefore, to limit this condition you should let the hair naturally dry as well as restrict the use of bending services, hair dryer.

– Avoid mechanical agents: Mechanical forces such as tying, bending, tearing too tight prevent the process of hair growth, causing hair to grow more slowly.

– Not abuse cosmetics: Cosmetics from the curling, dyeing or bleaching of the hair causes the hair follicles to lose all the nutrients. Therefore it make your hair easy to fall and hard to grow back.

– Keep your hair trimmed regularly: This is a very effective way to grow hair for men. When you trim a bit at the ends of your hair, it will help to remove the fibrous hair and push the hair back up faster.

Hair grows fast for men by limiting heat effects
Hair grows fast for men by limiting heat effects
  • Supplement food provides nutrients for fast hair growth

– Green vegetables: Green vegetables, lettuce, spinach, carrots, tomatoes … contain lots of fiber, vitamins A and C. So that help the body produce oily to protect dry hair, fiber helps to grow fast hair for men.

– Protein, iron, zinc: Protein is β€œrich” in beef, chicken, eggs, seafood … These foods also provide B group vitamins help limit the formation and growth of dandruff, effectively prevent hair loss.

– Iron, zinc are more in bean sprouts, tofu, soybeans … help promote circulating blood circulation, transport oxygen to the hair follicle tissue, stimulate the growth of hair.

– Fruits contain vitamin C: Bananas, oranges, tangerines, grapes, strawberries … are the fruits with the highest vitamin C content in nature. Consequently you should actively add the fruit is a way to help hair grow naturally for long hair smooth and smooth.

– Chocolate and cocoa: Cocoa contain high levels of caffeine, which is an extremely effective antioxidant that prevents the aging process and alopecia.

  1. The mixture of hair growth

Honey combining with aloe vera or using grapefruit oil is one of the fastest ways to stimulate hair growth from nature.

  • How to make fast hair from honey + Aloe


– Take 3 aloe leaves, filter to get the inner gel, puree.

– Put 2 cups pure honey into puree aloe vera gel, mix well.

Apply the mixture over the scalp, combining a gentle scalp massage for 20 minutes to absorb nutrients and rinse with water. For this reason, persistently perform this way 3 times a week to get the best results.

Honey is one of the fastest ways to grow hair from nature
Honey is one of the fastest ways to grow hair from nature
  • Natural lightening agent from grapefruit oil


Grapefruit oil is one of the most effective stimulants from nature, the simplest way to use it is as follows:

– Warm up the scalp for 10 minutes with a gentle massage.

– Apply directly to pomelo essential oil.

– Massage for 15 minutes and let your hair dry naturally.

– You may not need to wash your hair or hair after 1 hour of drying.

Using grapefruit oil will help to grow faster
Using grapefruit oil will help to grow faster



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