How to look younger by eye care tips?

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The eyes with no puffiness and wrinkles will make you look younger and lively than ever, but to keep it you need to get enough sleep and sleep deep every night. In fact, sleepless nights are frequent occurrences with many girlfriends. It affects beauty care. Let’s Applying makeup tips to hide your age or fatigue, dark circles. It is great suggestions to help you get rid of this anxiety.

Skin have enough water will be young, shine. In contrast, if skin is dry will appear cracks and wrinkles. Although not only water is effective against the skin, but it is best to drink 2 liters of water every day or more if possible. Starting each morning with a glass of lemon juice will be great for your eyes.

Choose a serum or moisturizer to moisturize the skin around the eyes. And never forget to apply sunscreen every day. At night, you should use products containing vitamin A and vitamin K help prevent or reduce the appearance of wrimkles. Because the skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive, be careful when selecting products for this skin.

An eye liner will help hide the wrinkles and keep the make-up layer longer.

To cover the dark circles, should use a concealer with a yellow tone to reduce the dark circles, dark puffiness of the eye. Before using a concealer, you can also use two green tea bags dipped in water and leave it in the freezer, use it to cover your eyes for 15 minutes, which will help reduce swelling.

When the eyes have dark circles, only use the eye liner to the upper eyelid, not the lower eyelid. Because of doing it with lower eyelid, dark circles are noticeable and the eyes look smaller. Eyes look bigger when using light tones and mascara to polish.

Supplementing iron by eating more spinach (spinach) will help keep your eyes full of life with a healthy body.

Thick eyebrows also help you having youthful, fresh eyes. So, do not pluck your eyebrows anymore because your eyebrows will thin and fade with the change of time, age.

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