How to make up a “brown skin thick lip” in right way?

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 Brown skin thick lip “is becoming into the trend of makeup is used by hot girl and celebrity. This trend has made the Korean makeup style is temporarily “disgrace”. So, how to have a ” brown skin thick lipbeauty face?

 Recently, the stylish makeup trend of Kylie Jenner has really created a strong wave across social networking sites. The girls competed to show off their pictures with full of seductive lips and healthy brown skin. On youtube, these stylish makeup clips also attracted thousands of views.

beauty face

This make-up style is minimalist and deep color, but give a surprisingly sexy effect. It not only made the girls in America and Europe, but even the girls with Asian beauty also addict. However, due to the difference in facial features and pigmentation of the skin, in order to be able to join this glamorous ” brown skin thick lip ” army, consider the following factors:

  1. Curved eyebrow

Asians often have low foreheads, short-tailed eyes and no depth in the eye sockets. So if you want to get the charm of European-American make-up, their first work is to reshape their eyebrows.

brown skin

You can say goodbye with a natural, innocent, Korean naive eyebrow and instead, trim your eyebrows in the direction of the arc. Use a brown or black lead in a thin curve and hit the slender line at 1/3 of the eyebrow. This is considered to be the normative pattern of Western European women, giving them a more sophisticated look.

  1. Using liquid foundation

The advantage of asian girls is that our skin pigmentation is quite supportive of this makeup trend. In order to have shiny brown and glossy skin, you only need to apply a liquid foundation lower 1-2 tone than the real skin color and cover on a liquid foundation of brown or yellowish brown to have an skin dreamed by the white skin girl.

However, the most important thing in this makeup is that your foundation must be really dry. So, use oil-based primers or wait for the topcoat to dissolve and then apply a dampening cream onto the skin.

  1. Contour

With this stylish make up, the key to this makeup is harmony on the face.

The most basic lesson for beginners is to use a dark bronzer, which extends from the jaw bone to the chin, to squeeze the face, then apply the cheeks to hit the block again, From ear to ear. This method will create the necessary color. Depending on the shape of the face: round, long, oval or oval … we can flexibly change the contour. Do not forget to use highlight powder to highlight areas such as: forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones for complete mass production.

  1. Eyes

Bronze or smoked eyebrows are the top choices if you intend to pursue this seductive makeup. The familiar color accent to create the depth of eyes is the use of yellow beige eye powder to cover the eyes, then use a small brush with dark brown or black eye powder to the eyes, On the inside of the eye to create diffuse, causing the eyes to become deeper and more attractive.

beauty face

In addition, cat-eyes style is also a powerful assistant to help you look charming. Do not forget to apply mascara to both upper and lower eyelashes to achieve impressive eyelash.

  1. Lips

Creating a “brown skin” is easy but “thick lips” you probably have to resort to some trick as: vacuum bottle, 3D lip contour, the use of two colors of the same tone but dark Different to create stretch glossy effect.

thick lip

The most popular lipstick is always the nude or brownish color,etc. You can also mix all of these colors together as long as there is enough bass to make lips Become sexy, thick and smooth.

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