How to meet a Facebook girl in real life

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You addict to a Facebook girl, you want to meet het in real life to date. This article is essential for you. Moreover, if you’re single, find on facebook search tool and do these steps.

If you have made friends with her on Facebook, it is not difficult because her status updates or photo albums uploaded to you can view and comment. However, many women always leave the “Only friends can see” mode, so if you are not “Friend” then you need to make friends with her right now.

  1. Make friends in right way

Take a look at mutual friends list. If it is a long list, you can press the “add friend”button and waiting for “accept”. And if there are less than two friends or no mutual friends, when sending an ask of adding friend, make sure to leave a message for her. It is a brief introduction of you and tell her that you hope to be friends. Politeness and sincerity in the beginning will be the key for you.

  1. Understand her

To reach and win the hearts of her, you have to understand her. The Information section and the photo album contain countless things if you pay attention. Make the most out of it to find out the group you are playing with, the special hobbies or things that make you care. You should know both the photo or status that she was tagged and the status a few years ago. Sometimes these things show more true images of her.

  1. Humorous comments

After making friends and finding out about her, you can not “shut up” and wait for her to “knock on”. Sometimes this attitude of yours will make her “unfriend” anytime! Let’s go her homepage and comments humorous but moderate.

  1. Think before “like”

“like” bluff is the problem of current Facebook users. There are some people who do not even know what they like about a photo or status. If she posts status like “Today I’m very sad” then do not be stupid that hit “like” and leave out. she is sad and you like it.

  1. Caught the attention

Perhaps in the first time, you dare not post a status on her Facebook wall, so why not attract her attention to your Facebook? If she has too many friends and can not update all of your status on Facebook, let’s do it when she is online.

That could be a picture of her idol, a good music video or classic status- “Like if you wanted me to tell you a secret for you. / Comment if you want me to tell about our relationship, why do I know you, what am I thinking about you “. moreover, the comment or the “like” of something in the past make her very surprised by your attention.

  1. Do not scare her and be obsessed

All the effort will be ruined if you hit “like” the image of objectionable content, comment the sneak off the black film website or “bombing” messages, photos on her Facebook home wall one at a time. Think about it, a girl who is introverted and always touched by the hardships in life, how can you do it

  1. Build your own image

it does not mean you must have a shimmering picture like a movie actor or a big profile. Surely when you have made a signature with her, she will visit your Facebook. Therefore, even your appearance is not really good, do not hesitate to post your picture because she will be hard to imagine you.

Remember to pay attention to your “relationship status”, after breaking up with the ex-girlfriend or funny, the “dating” status you have not forgotten to remove.

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