How to move photo from Facebook to Google photo

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Facebook offers unlimited photo storage, but upload quality of facebook photo is significantly reduced, so Google Photos is a great alternative. This article will guide you move you image to Google photo.

Β Even though Facebook does not limit the amount and storage capacity of images, it is not the perfect solution in the long term, especially quality. Meanwhile, Google Photos gives you unlimited free storage, and preserves the quality of your photos to a certain extent (16MP quality photos, Full HD video down).

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If you have a large number of Facebook photos and would like to migrate to Google Photos for longer, you can refer to the tutorial content below.

Download photos from Facebook

Instead of wasting time selecting individual images and saving your computer, you can ask Facebook to download all your account related data in the form of a zip file, including images.

To do that go to Facebook on the web, select General and click on Download a copy of your Facebook data. At this point, a message pops up will appears to confirm the request to download a copy of the data to the machine.

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After Facebook collect all your data, you will receive an email with a zip file download link. Uncompressed will see the folder name Photos and Videos contains files inside. The Facebook Photos data that you download includes photos you upload as well as photos that you’ve been tagged by someone.

The downside of downloading photos from Facebook is that they are compressed in quality only with a maximum resolution of 800×800 pixels to reduce server load. Besides information about EXIF ​​data such as camera model, shooting date or shooting location is also deleted. This will affect the image processing programs like Google Photos in the classification.

After confirming that you wait for Facebook to send an email containing the data link, download the zip file to your computer, extract the file to your computer and go to the Photos folder.

Move photos to Google Photos

If you’ve received the download image from Facebook, your next step is to back up this photo to Google Photos. It can be done from the web or best way- via the Google Photos Backup app provided at https://photos.google.com/apps.

Once the application is downloaded, install and sign in with your Google Account information before setting up for the app to automatically scan and then upload your photos to the Google Photos archives from the previously unzipped Facebook Photos folder.

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Note: to save for free, select the image quality to upload is High quality before clicking OK to wait for the program to carry out backup. As mentioned, because EXIF ​​data is deleted, Google Photos will allocate photos in a chaotic place so you will have many works to do with them.

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