How to play instant games on Facebook messenger?

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After launching the football and basketball games on Facebook Messenger app, Facebook continues to expand the content of the game so that users can play it through Instant Games feature. Do you know how to play these games, let’s find out on this article.

Instant Games was first tested in the US last year b Facebyook but now it is deployed to messengers around the world. This game is promised to bring rich gaming features and dynamic gaming experience. The problem is how do you enable it and become the first to reach Instant Messenger on your Messenger application?

The content below will guide you to do this on different operating system platforms.

Before you start, make sure you’re running the latest version of Messenger by checking if the application update feature has been activated or you can manually update it through the app store and Click the Update button on it. After the update, open the application to start using, where you see the Messenger interface slightly different than the previous version and it will vary depending on the operating system Android or iOS.

On iOS

If you are using iOS you will see a small game control icon on the bottom menu of a Messenger conversation. Of course, you need to open the conversation before to see this icon.

facebook ios game

if you have chosen the game icon, you will be reminded to send a challenge to your friends to do the punt. Once you tap the gamepad icon you will see a list of simple games like Pac-Man, Snake, Bingo … There are also some modern names like Words with Friends.

On Android

If you are using Google’s mobile operating system, there are a bit different. Open Messenger then open the conversation with friends and search for a circle with an + symbol.

facebook android game

Click on it, a menu will open with colorful icons for certain choices. Touch the Games circle and the game page will open just like what’s shown in the picture.

Β Gaming does not need to challenge friends

Β Challenge friends in the game is fun, but sometimes you just want to play alone instead of participating in the competition with someone. To do this you can open the Messenger main screen (where all the chats are listed) and scroll down to the Games section.

facebook game

You can access the live game list there and launch a game without having to go through a specific conversation.

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