How to Remove “adult” spam Facebook?

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There are many advantages when using Facebook. But recently, Facebook social network people have another problem that is the message is the message spam, dirty photos on the Facebook group. This action is that broadcasters can mess up all users in the group at the same time.

"adult" spam facebook
“adult” spam

The images and information in addition unsightly affecting directly to the user. It also contains a “weird” link to have someone click on immediately file will be downloaded. A lot of Facebook users have not carefully downloaded this type of file.

They shared dirty images among groups with a large number of participants for greater dissemination of information.

The upload accounts are “ghost” accounts. They uploaded images are display on the News Feed of all the members of the group.

In fact, this link is harmless, as it is a file in the jad format designed to “guide” the mobile application. The mobile app is an application “black” specializes in providing film, video and the content is not healthy, there is no answer exactly that applications have malware attached or not. But if accidentally downloading the file, Facebook users use through browser or facebook application can be peace of mind because it does not affect the computer or smartphone, you can delete it without encountering any obstacles. The account posted this message format accounts are “ghost” Facebook users should not need to worry too much about the account will automatically upload post or stolen password.


However, these content and images may affect the user.

For example, you are drinking coffee and using facebook. And the erotic images appear … Very shameful: D

If you want to get rid of these, simplest things you can leave the groups by going to the Groups page>Settings>Leave Group.
You can report bad Group to Facebook before leaving to avoid being invited again.
spam facebook

If you do not want to leave the group you can disable the custom newsletter. You clicking on the arrows down at post abusive then select hide and select continue hide all.
Wish you all the best and have the best Facebook experience.

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