How to upgrade you Facebook account?

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Facebook now is more and more important with people, we can have any relationship and contact everyone at every time on facebook. Moreover, many people use facebook for business. so facebook security is essential with us. Here are some way to protect your facebook account.

facebook security

  1. Two layers of protection for your account.

2-layer securityis a security feature that helps protect the user’s account and password that facebook offers, especially useful for many people.


When you perform two factor authentication, you will be asked to enter a special security code or confirm your login attempts every time you access facebook from another computer or mobile app. Users can also receive alerts when someone tries to login from a strange computer.

To do this, just reinstall your facebook follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Click the triangle icon in the top right corner of facebook, select Settings -> Security and login.
  • Step 2: Scroll down, go to Additional Security Settings -> Use two factor authentication -> Edit.
  • Step 3: Select the authentication method that you want to add and follow the on-screen instructions. Specific:

– Use Authentication by text message (SMS) on your registered phone number.

– Add a Universal 2nD Factor (U2F) Universal Security Key to login via USB or NFC.

– Use the code generator in the facebook mobile application to reset your password or create a login code.

– Get your recovery code and use it when you’re not carrying your phone with you on the go.

– Generate application password.

– A valid login with a list of devices you will not need to use the login code.

  • Step 4: Click Enable to complete the security process.

As suggested by facebook, users can use as many authentication methods as they like, but at least need to turn on text message (SMS) code or to turn on both the security key and the code generator.

Note: When using public computers or those that may be shared with others, you should not click Save to this browser.

  1. Security in using.

Firstly, you should share information with friend only at friends only mode. To change the sharing mode to friends only, go to the Privacy Settings page, select the Friends or Custom mode. When choosing Custom, make sure you uncheck the ‘Friends of those tagged’ option. If you check this option, you allow the tagged people to share the message with their friends.

connecting on facebook

You should be careful with applications like BranchOut because they do not need your permission, the application will also see the information from your friends. Go to Privacy Settings, click Edit Settings in Apps and Websites. Next, click Edit Settings at the How people field, and then uncheck all boxes. Done, click Save Changes to save.

Unlike Google+, which allows users to manually turn face detection on and off, Facebook automatically recognizes after uploading photos and hints to users. The tag suggestions feature on Facebook will give a hint on the faces in the photo. If an image uploader has your face in it, they will get a tagged suggestion on your photo. To not be tagged by strangers, click Edit Settings at Timeline and Tagging, click Who sees tag suggestions and then click No One.

When migrating to the Timeline, some of your old posts may be visible to everyone. To reset your friends only, click on Manage Past Post Visibility at Limit the Audience for Past Posts, select Limit Old Posts. After that, all of the old posts shared in public or friends of friends are all set to friends.

The Subscribe feature allows non-friends to track news on your profile. If you do not want all the information posted to be shared with unfamiliar subcriber, you should disable this feature. If you have not enabled Subscribe, go to Account Settings. You uncheck Allow Subscribers to disable the Subscribe feature. Downey- IT expert says that if you do not off Subscribe, all the information you share in public will be present on the search engines and will be found very easily.

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