How to Use cosmetics without fearing of allergy?

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When caring beauty, using skin care product will cause allergic reactions if not properly. Some of the notes below will help you be safer when caring beauty.

Expression of cosmetic allergy

Acne Remedies: is the most common symptom, because when you use cosmetics, it can clog the pores, sebum is accumulated in pores.

Atopic dermatitis: This is a more severe form of allergy, manifested by reddish area on skin (reddish area at the area covered by cosmetic), along with acne.

Urticaria: It consists of papules, very similar to mosquito bites or signal cause of hitting by whip, along with itching.

Dry skin: dead cell on Dry skin.

How to reduce the harm of allergies when using cosmetics

  • Check out the expiry date

You will find a small box-shaped icon and the number indicating the number of months you can use the cosmetic after opening the box. Please mark the expiry date on the product and remove it even if you have not used it yet at the expiry date.

  • Preservation

Temperature, light and moisture are important factors that increase the risk of change of chemicals in the product. So keep your cosmetics on the shelves rather than near windows or bathrooms.

  • substances can cause allergy in cosmetic

Most hair dyes on the market contain a substance called p-phenylenediamine. This substance helps brighten the hair color but it can also cause skin allergies and even cancer.

Nail polish is one of the culprits of allergy because it contains formaldehyde.

preservative in food or cosmetics contain health hazards substance. Preservatives are commonly found in cosmetics such as Phenoxyethanol, Praben, thimerosal, etc

Bath gel, even lotion can play a role in cleansing the skin, but will inadvertently damage your health.

Fragrance can cause irritation, rash, skin becomes dry, rough and aging faster on your skin.

  • Select reputable brands

Do not be tempted to listen to rumors and choose to buy products that are not reputable. If your skin is sensitive, it is best to use organic products that are “friendly” to people and the environment. The cosmetic is an important thing, you shouldn’t buy cheap product.

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