Makeup trends of each year since 1982 (part 1)

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Back in the 80s of the last century and roll over the makeup trends that have been making rain since then until now. Letโ€™s see it to know how to look beautiful in past and at the present. The trends can be glowing skin, beauty face, hair, etc. letโ€™s start finding out.

1982 - Pink, Pink and Pink
1982 – Pink, Pink and Pink

1982 – Pink, Pink and Pink:

In the early 1980s, pink was the color of the “believer”. Blush cheeks too rosy, too, adding more pink eyes and rosy lips, the more beautiful.

1983 – Lipstick:

Pop Queen Madonna is one of the initiators of purple lipstick, even though the color does not make skin to be beautiful. That only makes people look like getting up after an ill.

Beauty face
1984 – Eyebrows

1984 – Eyebrows:

Brooke Shields’ eyebrows became a motivator for the girls to pull the tweezers to the bottom of the closet.

1985 – Nude lipstick:

The trend of nude lip color has rekindled since this time, the nude color has to be nude and slightly polished.

1986 – Colorblock:

Not only fashion, makeup also has the concept of colorblock, that is when you paint the eye, the eye liner and lipstick with each color separately, and any color must be shining.

beauty face
1987 – Red Son

1987 – Red Son:

In 1987, red lipstick was the only thing that existed, and the other lipstick, whether or not it was, was not important.

1988 – Blue Eyeliner:

Was promoted by princess Diana, blue eyeliner must be not medium trend.

1989 – Brown Lipstick:

To this phase, brilliant lipstick colors give way to warmer, especially brown shades.

1990 – Brownie Brown and Brown Eyes:

The light makeup make clearly highlight with brown pastels become the “guide” of women.

1991 – Pink as petals:

In the early 90s, the beauties turned to love the feminine, natural colors.

1992 – Super thin:

At this time, the brighter the bristles the more beautiful, the sales of companies selling tweezers must have increase.

1993 – The lips are really floating:

At this stage, does not exist the concept of ” edge bears is the same color with lipstick”, the color of the edges should always be darker than the color of lip.

Natural Makeup
1994 – Natural Makeup

1994 – Natural Makeup:

Surprising since 1994, many of the world’s beauties have been promoting the natural make-up style.

1995 – White Eye Powder:

This dense white apricot pouch was considered extremely sophisticated in 1995.


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