Makeup trends of each year since 1982 (part 2)

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Do you learn any makeup tips in previous article of this series? In this article, There are many ways to make a beauty face to view.

 1996 – Silver Lipstick: The beautician’s makeup bag must have a silver lipstick.

Metallic eyeshadow
Metallic eyeshadow

1997 – Metallic eyeshadow: After the rising of the silver lipstick, eye shadow metallic shade is also a trend.

1998 – Copper Makeup: When you draw bronze eye and bronze lip as Tyra Banks, you are definitely the sexiest girl.

1999 – Smoky Eyes: The eye smoke trend officially shines in the late 90s.

2000 – Blue Eye: The concept of “green eyes red lip” should have come from here.

2001 – purple emulsion Powder: do You realize that is precursor to the trend of unicorn makeup nowadays.

2002 – Super glossy lipstick: In the early 2000s, if you do not paint lip gloss like Britney Spears, what is your color lipstick?

2003 – Black Eyeliner: In the year 2003, the girls spent quite a while on makeup to ensure both the upper and lower edges were covered with a sexy black eyeliner like this.

2004 – Pink glossy: The pink glossy is the most precious thing in the makeup bag of that time.

2005 – The bronze eyeshadow: The bronze eyeshadow is heavily promoted and one of the big fans of this trend is Rihanna.

.2006 – peach fashion trend: this Make-up tone has been hot since more than a decade.

.2007 – Brown Dye: 10 years ago, this is the sexy and stylish measure of the girls.

2008 – Smoky Eyes: Kim Kardashian is the one who has been promoting this gorgeous combo.

Cat Eye Eyeliner
Cat Eye Eyeliner

2009 – Cat Eye Eyeliner: “How to make a beautiful cat eye” is the question of 99% of the girls at that time.

2010 – making up with gems color.

2011 – rainbow Eyeliner.

Bright lips, transparent skin
Bright lips, transparent skin

2012 – Bright lips, transparent skin.


2013 – Eyebrows: After decades of raising eyebrows and then plucking eyebrows, by 2013, tweezers officially become “enemies” of the fashionable girl. Supermodel Cara Delevingne with the standard “deep” brows has become endless inspiration for women.

2014Creating a contour: Kim Kardashian once again makes the world beauty be crazy with the face is always blotting shape. And contour has become one of the most important makeup trends since then.

2015, 2016 -matte lipstick: This is the keyword dominate the beauty world for two years ago. Kylie Jenner is one of the leaders of this trendy lipstick trend.

Strobing and lip gloss
Strobing and lip gloss

2017 – Strobing and lip gloss: Shimmering face with shimmering gloss lip is the most favorite makeup formula at the moment.


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