7 Tips Money Saving Life Hacks You Should Know

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Today on howtoget.wiki, we’ve got 7 money-saving life hacks.

So let’s get started with food. Sometimes it’s hard to resist a great deal at the supermarket. But what do you do about those five steaks you bought that are about to get nasty? You can actually vacuum seal your food without the vacuum sealer. Fill your sink halfway up with water, and place your food into a freezer bag. Zip it up about three-quarters of the way and submerge the bag directly into the water. Now, using the water pressure, you can force out all of the air and make a nice tight seal. That’s gonna help keep your food stay edible a lot longer when you freeze it, so stock up and get freezing.

Ever sit down to watch TV but your remote’s dead? Yeah, it’s a pain. Your first instinct is probably to go and replace the batteries, right? Well, what if you don’t have any batteries? Or you just have one? Well, here’s a simple trick. The juice from one fresh battery is typically enough to power a small device, like a remote control. So go raid your junk drawer and fish out a screw or bolt that’s about the size of the battery that you need. You can place it into the battery compartment. You know this is going to complete the circuit. And then you can turn your device right back on, and everything is going to work as normal.

Alright, let’s move into saving money on your bills. Here in Portland, Oregon, we get charged every three months for water and sewage. The rates on that can get quite high, but using this simple trick I was able to reduce my bill dramatically. Just head to your bathroom, remove the lid from the top of your toilet, fill up a one-liter bottle, and place it into the corner of the tank. Now, the average home flushes a toilet about five times a day. With each flush, you’ll save about a liter. That’s more than a gallon a day or 30 gallons a month. So by putting a simple bottle in your toilet tank, you can conserve water and cut down on your bill.

Now, what about internet service? Fast broadband service can cost more than $1000 a year. So, have a conversation with your neighbor, and see if they want to split that cost with you. Just share your WiFi password and tell them to get rid of their service, or vice versa. You just cut your bill in half.

Now, sometimes your clothes need a little sprucing up in the smell department. But do you really want to go to the store and pay four or five bucks for a bottle of fabric refresher that you can easily make with stuff laying around your house? Probably not. Just get yourself a small spray bottle, pour in about a cup of warm water. Next, grab baking soda and add roughly one teaspoon to the bottle. You can make a simple funnel by rolling up some paper and putting it on the top. Once that’s in there, add one tablespoon of fabric softener, seal it up, and shake it all around until it feels nice and mixed up. Let it settle for a minute then give it a test. It should smell great.

And while I’m on the subject of DIY liquids, what about house cleaners? Well, there are definitely jobs for harsh chemicals like bleach, but really something you don’t need for common cleanups. Let’s make something more eco-friendly that can be used near surfaces you prepare food on. Get another spray bottle and add two teaspoons of baking soda, now grab some dish soap and add one teaspoon of that, finally, we need to activate it all with some vinegar. Pour about three tablespoons into the bottle and then top it all off with some warm water. Now give it a hefty shaking and your cleaner is all set. This type of natural cleaner is great for cutting boards, light spills, all kinds of things, you can even use it on your dishes if you want.

Now, finally, here’s a huge one that literally reduced my power bill 40% over the last year. I’m talking about light bulbs. LED bulbs cost more initially, but their power requirements are drastically lower than their incandescent counterparts. Not only that, but they can last up to 50 times longer! Cost about ten times more to run an incandescent bulb than an LED bulb. So by paying a bit more for the up-front cost, you can swap out your old bulbs, and make money back in just a couple months. Another interesting fact is that many power companies will offer rebates when you make the switch over to energy efficient products such as LED bulbs. Just check your power companies website or give them a call.

So, hopefully, these tips can get you well on your way to save some cash this year. We actually have another cool way to earn money from home. Our awesome sponsor, Opinion Outpost, pays users just for giving their views on various things they care about. The coolest thing is, they’ll pay you with cash or gift cards. Hundreds of thousands of people already do this, and every time you take a survey you get entered into a $10,000 drawing. Click the link in the description box, and you can check it out for yourself. And as always, thanks for watching and subscribing. Here’s another video we did for money-saving tips. Hey, the more you know. See you next time.

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