Optimal protection for your Facebook account

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How to protect the privacy of you on Facebook? This is an big question with many people, who have many private information at facebook account, you will not know that security methods are set by you can is safest way to protect your secret. If you concern this problem, this is an usefull article for you, there are some of the following ways to secure your Facebook social networking site.

You can track logins to your Facebook page by email, text message, or use SSL connection to protect your account.

Here are ways to protect our Facebook account:

Change password regularly

The easiest way is to regularly change the password of your account, but do not make it too easy to be stolen by a hacker. A strong enough password must include: letters, numbers, special characters, uppercase letters, and more than 8 characters. Example: TeSt @ 123 @ tSeT

To change the password do the following steps: “Account settings> General> Password”. After changing your new password, select “Save changes”.

 Change secret answer

Users should not choose confidential questions such as: Where were you born? Name a close friend? … This information can be easily found by hackers when accessing your Facebook.

So choose questions that are random, carry information that is hard to predict. Example: What do you like to play most? Answer: Football Manager or Call of Duty.

To change the secret answer, do the following steps: “Account settings> Security> Security Question”, then enter the password to save the changes, finally select “Save Changes”.

Login to Facebook account by SMS confirmation

You can select a more secure login that is confirmed via SMS. Each time you log in to Facebook on a strange computer, Facebook sends a message that contains a confirmation code for the phone number that the user has registered to receive before. This only happens once when you use a strange computer or phone to log into your Facebook account.

To enable this function, do the following: “Account settings> Security> Login Approvals”. Then, the user provides the phone number to receive the message as instructed.

Send email notifications every time you log in

You select “Account settings> Security> Login notifications”, tick the Email and then end with the Save Changes key.

Use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection for Facebook

In addition to the above four ways, you can also use SSL connection to protect your Facebook account. This connection enhances the security mechanism of your website.

To use the SSL connection, select “Account settings> Security> Secure Browsing”, and then click on “Save Changes”.


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