Perfect makeup tips for her brown skin

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Women have brown skin or dark complexion, it is a clever idea to use bright, vibrant makeup colors bring you a perfect make-up effect. And if you are wondering when to apply makeup to your brown skin, letโ€™s try these following makeup tips.

  1. Choose natural colors

With foundation and powder, you should choose the color of powder similar to your skin color, should not choose too bright color powder. Do not make makeup too thick because your face looks like a mask. It is best to use foundation color near the skin color, then add a little powder, with the aim of removing oil on the skin.

  1. The eyebrows are smooth, light

A fine eye-line will help to honor your eyes, so do not make your eyes too dark and you will look darker. Avoid too bright eye colors such as white or silver. Instead, choose a bronze or gold color to add sparkle to your eyes.

3.Choose eye powder

For brown skin women, choose from black brown, coffe brown, chocolate brown or any other natural shade. You can also choose a shimmering color to add depth to your eyes. If you want to risk a little when the makeup, you can try to apply the black, plum color, deep blue, green, yellow, pink is also quite wonderful.

  1. Rose color

You should choose a powder color such as orange, pink, peach, bronze, rose or plum color that is best suited to your brown complexion.

  1. Lipstick

Lipstick can be the focus of the entire makeup process. Do not be afraid to paint a bright red lipstick, it will increase your charm. Red coral, brown and cherry blossom colors are very suitable for brown skin.

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