Problems watching movies online and how to fix

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There are now a lot of online movies support sites, and the common feature of these sites is their intriguing design and intuitive content to make it easy for users to watch free movies online.

Basically, watching online movies involves the following steps: open a web browser> go to the online movie distributor site> select the movie you want to watch and click on “play” to enjoy it.

It’s simple, but the reality is that there are many cases where online movies cannot be played on a computer, and here are some errors and fixes for you to reference when encountering these unwanted problems:

Symptoms: Click on “Watch Movie” or the Play icon (triangle) but cannot see, frame is not displayed or error message appears. Some error messages like “link movie die”, “Error loading media: File could not be played”, “unable to play video”, “server information failed”, “waiting for server” or “this video Will be available soon “…

error loading media

There are three causes of this phenomenon: the problem is the server contains the movie, the link of the movie is malfunctioning or your machine lack Flash Player.

How to fix:

Β + Due to server: server is now in error or overloaded. If you’re overloaded, try out other backup servers, which often have multiple redundant servers, and the first server that has a lot of traffic on the server can lead to overload.

+ Do flash player: new machine reinstall win not flash or have flash installed but still not see the error, such as message “has stopped working”. There are many possible reasons for this error in Adobe Flash Player, and the Video Clip is not viewable due to a browser that is not compatible with Flash in use, software conflicts, browser plugins, or flash incompatibilities. The operating system is using … => The fix is ​​to download and install the latest Adobe Flash Player, which is compatible with the operating system as well as the browser in use, in combination with the disable plugins in turn. Browse to check.

+ Do link movie problem (error, die): you report error to administrator soon fix.

Phenomenon: There are people you encounter the phenomenon of watching movies, clips on some web is normal but some web is loaded forever, the circle turns as it is loading but wait forever still not see but not entirely network. weak.


Cause: Some video issues caused by cached gadgets, plugins, or content, or browser data. It’s also possible by DNS or Proxies or providers.

How to fix:

+ Refresh your browser session by pressing Crtl + f5 several times

+ Try to clear the browser cache, on Chrome press the shortcut key is Ctrl + Shift + Del

+ Try to change the machine’s DNS to: 8 .8 .8 .8 and .8 .8 .4 .4

+ Some sites want to see the need to change proxy.

+ Check gadgets and plugins: To see if the gadget is causing the problem, try playing the video in question in Incognito mode. If this solves the problem, temporarily disable the plugin or plugin. Then re-enable each extension or plugin to see which extensions or plugins are causing the problem.

+ If the above does not work, try resetting the browser to the default setting.

+ There are cases where your internet service provider is blocking your connection to the host. So you find out your internet service provider to find out if they are blocking. If blocked, it can be fixed by changing the hosts file.

Also check out download accelerators like IDM, orbit, flashgets that pop up, or browser integration. For IDM, go to IDM-> Download-> options-> general-> uncheck IE, FF, Chrome-> ok.

Advise watching movies online

Currently, many customers are inhibitors. The reason is many visitors are overloaded, flash errors and too many ads are inserted in the free online movie website.

Here I will introduce a solution to help you watch the movie comfortably, not being advertised or lag. You simply download Ace Stream Media and use it.

Ace Stream Media is a free software. And It supports users to listen to music, watch movies in almost all popular formats now. It based on open source of popular VLC software. Basically, to view movies online with this software, users open torrent files of the downloaded movie, the program will optimize the link speed for faster load process.

The use of this software to watch movies online is quite simple, so within the framework of this article I just come up with solutions not to go into specific instructions because it can dilute the content.

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