How to protect against scam on Facebook?

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In recent times, many people have been hacked on Facebook by bad guys, who will lie victimโ€™s relatives/friends to take money/property from them. Unlike the previous Yahoo trick, with Facebook, once a password and account has been compromised, the bad guys will know a lot about the owner of the account as well as their friends and relatives. profile as well as the images and status that the owner of the account shares.

From this information, the bad guys will easily scam victimโ€™s relative because they will not be able to detect, who is using Facebook is the real owner or not.

Providing accurate information from many people’s birth dates, family relationships, friends on Facebook can have disastrous consequences once their account is taken by the bad guys. Meanwhile, the Facebook users sometimes very little attention to the security features of their account.

So how can you comfortably share everything on Facebook without fear of bad guys taking over accounts to scam your friends and family? You can see the use of the two-layer security features provided by Facebook itself is a worthwhile solution.

2-layer security is actually a “2-step verification” feature integrated in the installation to enhance the security of the user. This feature includes: the Facebook login password as the first layer of protection and a random code (sent to the user over the phone) for each login as a second layer.

To enable this two-layer security feature, follow these steps:

  • First, you go to the Settings on your personal page.
  • Next, go to Mobile and click on “Add phone” to add your phone number. If you already have a phone number then press the “Confirm phone number” button to confirm the phone number you have provided.
  • Select your country and select telecommunications network operator.
  • After you have selected your country and your network operator, use your phone to send the message to the network operator to receive a confirmation code as instructed.
  • After confirming the phone number, go back to the settings and go to Security and select the Login Review section.
  • A bulletin board will appear to explain this security feature to you. Please ignore and Continue.
  • The next step is to confirm the browser you regularly use to sign in to Facebook. Enter your browser’s name in the box. Remember to fill out the browser you regularly use on your computer or tablet. By later you use another browser to login, Facebook will force you to confirm.
  • Next, you confirm the operating system that you are using on your handset. Facebook offers two options, one for Android and iOS, and another for operating systems.
  • Next, Facebook will instruct you to create codes directly using the Facebook software on your phone. These codes can be used for confirmation in the second grade.
  • If you do not want to use code generator with Facebook software on your phone, Facebook will send the code to you via the phone number you registered above.
  • After receiving the code via SMS, enter the code received in a new window that appears and click “Continue”.
  • Next, Facebook will announce that the setup is complete.

From now on, you do not need to fear to Scam Facebook whenever someone logs in to your Facebook account from a browser other than your browser you have confirmed, Facebook will require a confirmation code sent to your phone number. That means, just in the phone, you know someone is illegally accessing your Facebook.

Also, you can enable the alert logon so Facebook sends you an email or SMS every time someone logs into your Facebook account from a computer or other device that has not been used by you.

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