Shut down the computer and quit Facebook!

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The more time you spend on Facebook, the lower the level of satisfaction with your life and the more negative emotions. A warning is given by researcher after their study of the using of facebook.

When you press the “Like” button on your Facebook friends, do you really like it?

Witnessing the lives of your wonderful Facebook friends and overwhelming joy can make you sad and lonely. A recent study from the University of Michigan pointed out that the more you surf on Facebook, the more you feel your life is boring and tedious.

To assess the emotional of Facebook user, the team surveyed a group of youngsters using Facebook in Michigan and recorded their feelings five times a day for two weeks.

Each of these notes is collected through an online survey of each of their emotional states after surfing Facebook. In addition to aggregating the time spent on Facebook, these notes also reflect the level of anxiety, loneliness and overall level of satisfaction with the lives of the participants.

The research team also asked participants to express their satisfaction at the beginning and the end of the study. Results showed that, over a two-week period, the level of satisfaction with the lives of most of these people declined. In contrast, research indicates that direct face-to-face communication makes the subject feel more comfortable day by day.

At the present time, more than 1 billion people use Facebook and more than half of them log on and Facebook every day. Ethan Kross, a professor of social psychology at the University of Michigan, said: “many things show that Facebook provides invaluable resources to meet people’s needs for social connectivity. However, instead of making people happier, Facebook interactions can have negative effects on young people. ”

So what is the reason that Facebook participants have such negative feelings? One theory is that people are implicitly comparing their real lives with their friends’ virtual lives and feel that the lives of others are always better and better.

Although the scope of the study with 82 people is rather small, other studies on the impact of using Facebook with “mental health”. Facebook has become a fascinating topic for researchers by the role and permanent presence of the lives of so many people. Psychologists, sociologists and academics are planning to study the impact of this social network on the human brain, emotions and their values.

Some researchers have directly exploited information from social networking data repositories (Facebook has a team of data scientists with strong relation with universities) while some other researchers studies independently.

a study from the University of Utah Valley pointed out that people often feel sad after visiting Facebook. Researchers exposed 425 students and found similarities between the amount of Facebook use and their negative emotions in their lives.

The more time spent wandering on Facebook, the more they feel the life of their friends better, happier. In January, a German study showed that one-third of the study participants felt worse after spending more time on Facebook. Looking at evidence for the success of friends, cute babies, great vacations are the reason of jealousy, loneliness and even anger.

Are you feeling depressed, deadlocked with your own life? Ask yourself how much time you spend for Facebook in your 24-hour of day? I can master my life but can not stop the time.

So do not hesitate anymore without turning off the computer, take your eyes off the smartphone screen but get up, spend more time for family, friends and personal interests? Certainly, you will not need to be jealous of someone’s virtual life on Facebook but enjoy your own colorful life.

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