Study For Longer Periods | 5 Concentration Tips!

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Basically, all I’m doing is spending the entire day studying every day. I have one day off a week and aside from that it’s all studying Monday through Saturday. So I thought today might be a good time to talk about some of the tips that I have for either studying for a long period of time or studying for a very big exam. I’m gonna head over to a library now but in between my study breaks, I will talk to you guys about some of my tips on how to study for a big exam.

Tip number 1 (not an actual tip!) Have a cute cat. She will cheer you up when you’re studying. YAASSS.

So my first tip is the set-up.

So that means wearing comfortable clothes as you can see I’m just wearing a sweatshirt and leggings and sneakers and finding a good location. Good locations like the library so you can study without being interrupted.

I think there is a lot of variables when you’re studying so definitely control the ones you can control. So what you’re wearing, where you are gonna study and minimizing distractions that way. So I’m headed to the library now. I’m gonna take the subway and I will see you guys there.

Today I’m gonna be studying in this majestic public library in midtown. It’s so nice! It looks like a museum or something.

So my tip number 2 is to take breaks!

I’ve done about half of the questions that I’ve planned to do for the day so I came out here in Bryant Park to take a break and have some lunch.

I think sometimes the tendency of people when they’re studying for a big exam is to kinda keep studying till they can’t study anymore but that can actually be pretty counterproductive when it comes to your productivity. So it’s very helpful to take scheduled breaks so that your productivity remains high and you’re less distracted when you’re actually supposed to be working.

Another tip to go along with that is to change your location.

Like I said, I came out to Bryant Park which is right behind the library where I was studying. And sometimes when you have the same locations for studying and taking a break the line between working and taking a break can be blurred. So I find it really helpful to leave the space where I was studying and just come to a different space to just relax and unwind for a little bit so I can go back to work and be more productive.

My third tip which is changing your study location around.

I just mentioned that it’s good to have a separate study location and a break location. And I think sometimes studying in the same place can get old and you get tired. And I think that sometimes changing your location from the library to a cafe or to home can really help to switch things up. It can help you refocus on the work that you’re supposed to be doing.

So I finished all the questions that I had planned to do for the day at the library and I came home and had some dinner and now I have some reading to do so I’m gonna work on that and I’ll be done with studying soon.

My second to the last tip is to have a specific plan for what you’re going to study.

So this is an example of how I have planned out the next three and a half weeks on studying for step 2. As you can see I have the date, the topic I’m gonna cover and exactly the number of questions I’m going to do and the book that I’m gonna be reading.

So I like to be as specific as possible when I’m planning these things out so I never wake up and wonder what I’m going to do for the day. It also makes me feel good because I can check off all the things that I’ve done and I know that I’m making good progress.

The book that I’m reading is called Master the Boards Step 2 CK. Unlike Step where there is a ton of different resources that people like, there is not really a lot of things that people like other than UWorld and maybe this book so this is the book that I’m deciding to read.

I’ve marked off all the different chapters and I’m just reading the chapter that corresponds to the topic that I’m gonna be covering that day as you can see.

My final tip of the day is to get enough sleep.

When you’re studying for a big exam whether it’s for SATs or formed school or for whatever else, it’s really important to think of it as a marathon and not as a sprint. So make sure you get enough sleep, whatever that means for you so that you can be rested and start fresh tomorrow.

So that’s all the tips I have for today. Thank you guys so much. If you guys are studying for a big exam like me, good luck! And I will see you guys in the next video. Bye!

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