10 Most Super Awesome Internet Tricks You Didn’t Know!

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– Hey, guys, it is  howtoget.wiki and today we gonna be checking out some cool internet tricks. There million of tricks you can use on the internet to accomplish various things, but here we collect the 10 most amazing internet tricks for geek users.

# 1. Famous Hacking Leaks Check

If Your Email Is A Part Of The Famous Hacking Leaks.

Go to haveibeenpwned.com, and simply enter your email into the search box, and click on pwned.


Now it will check if your email has been hacked or been misused at any point!

Luckily even if the results are showing safe, I suggest you activate this service called “notify me when I get pwned”,

So maybe if your email will misuse some point in future,

They will notify you about it, as well as you can search here with your username instead of your email id, to make sure your social media account are doing well.

# 2. Retro games

Are you a fan of retro games and didn’t have access to a retro console?

Well, there is a simple way to enjoy a famous retro game.

Search Pacman, on google and click on this doodle, Now sit back and enjoy your Pacman!

retro game

It may be a simple game, but it’s still addictive and a great game.

As well as it is one of my all-time favorites. Hope it’s yours as well.

# 3. Surprise Free Proxy

Do You Know Google Translate Can Be Your Free Proxy?

Just go to Google translate, and select any language from here other than English.

Now go to the other side and select English as your destination language.

Now click on this text field, and type in the full website URL, that you want to access through VPN.

For example https://www.youtube.com.

Now go to the translated area and click on the link or URL.

Now you are viewing the site in VPN, and remember it’s free.

As well as you can use this service to view any other site instead of youtube.com, and you that’s the whole point of it.

Hope you know what I mean!

# 4. Find your phone!

Have you lost your phone, and trying to find it?

Then this is the one for you.

Just Search Find My Phone On Google To Locate Your Phone.

Instantly Once you searched Google will show you a small box, above all the search result.

So let’s zoom in and click on the “Get started” hyperlink.

Once you clicked on it, Google will take you to its further steps, And you can track your phone down!

As well as you can do some other amazing things to find it.

# 5. Feel Bored!

If you feel bored, surfing the web all day.

Well, there is a way to kick the ass out of your boredness.

Go To Google Images And Search Atari Breakout. And play it a while, and you may feel less bored.

Try it yourself, if you feel bored of watching the video.

I suggest you pause the video, and try some breakout, feel free to comment your experience below, don’t worry if it’s even a negative one, I can take it!

# 6. QR Code Wi-Fi access!

To Share Your Wi-Fi Access With Your Friends Coming To Your House: Generate A QR Code With the Access Details.

Print It And Stick It On Your Wall.

Well to do that all, just go to this website, and fill this thing up, which is asking for your Wi-Fi details, such as your SSID, Password, The security encryption type, as well as your Wi-Fi’s Name!

Once your done filling all that simply click on this generate Wifi QR Code button!

Now it will generate a unique QR Code just for you.

Now all you have to do is print out a copy of the QR Code, stick it on your wall somewhere cool.

So everybody gets the Wi-Fi access just by scanning the QR Code! Benefits of using this method.

First of all, You are free from explaining your wifi details to each and everybody came to your home!

Secondly, You can have the freedom of an open wifi, but actually, it’s closed!

# 7. View Hidden Passwords

Do you know using our modern browsers, you can view masked password asterisks as a real password!

For example, I’m moving to a famous websites login page.

And here you can see the password is showing but it is masked as asterisks.

Now let’ me show you how to view it.

Simply right-click on the password field and choose to inspect. Now you will see the ‘Inspect elements’ window on your browser!

From here you have to move to the highlighted area and pay attention to the first line.

Now you have to change input type=”password” to input type=”text”.

And for that you don’t have to replace the entire line, Instead, you can Just click on the password and it will get highlighted automatically, now replace it with text and hit enter.

Now you will see the real password instead of the asterisks.

# 8. Coffitivity Feeling Alone

Visit Coffitivity.Com For Morning Murmur.

The Coffitivity recreates the ambient sounds of a café to boost your creativity and help you work better.

Well once you’re on the site, they will play The Morning Murmur, as the default ambiance.

But if you want to change your ambiance sound, You can choose different cafeteria ambiance from the café library.

Well, let me say, If you are working alone a lot like me, this thing will definitely a boon for you.

# 9. Access international Google search always!

Getting Redirected To Country Specific Google Search Page.

Like Google.co.in or google.co.uk Try Http://Google.Com/Ncr To Avoid This.

To make google.com as your default specific page to open every time when you launch your browser, just replace the current URL with http://google.com/ncr and you are free from seeing your country specific Google search page.

# 10. Just delete

Do you wanna Delete Your Account Permanently From Famous Websites, Without surfing through the extremely confusing settings, or without searching online instructions!

Well, there is a straight way for it! Go to just http://backgroundchecks.org/justdeleteme/ and delete your account from any famous website.

For example, If you want to delete your facebook account, Just search Facebook on the search box, and it will show you the result, click on it.

And it will redirect you straight to the facebook delete account page.

Now all you have to do is Delete your account!

Well similar to this if you want to delete any other accounts from a famous website just search the name of the site, and delete the account.

Well, that’s all for today, its time for wind up. If you liked the video leave a thumbs up, wanna watch more subscribe to our channel, definitely do! If you wanna see more top ten list vote this poll right here!

I have more of them wait for you. Hope you all have a wonderful day, see you on the next one!

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