Synthesis on Amazon Fire TV Stick (part 1)

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There are many people want to watch online movie at home. Today I wrote articles about Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, a device will help you watching movie instead of free online movie websites.

Β Because most of Amazon’s app is mostly In-app-purchase. This means that you download for free but use or buy a movie for a fee. When used it is also quite inhibitory with the remote comes because this device doesn’t have many functionalities. Only Fire TV Stick is not rooted. Many people are already familiar with rooting, if the Fire TV Stick is rooted, there is nothing to say, it’s too simple to install the appstore. but there is no root method with software, only the root way is by tying the string to root, that means the root by hardware. You should not try because it is easy to fail if you do not know.

To avoid confusion, you should clearly distinguish that we are talking about FireTV stick(as above picture): Please note that I will shorten the “Amazon Fire TV Stick” to “AFTS”.

Using AFTS by downloading the following 4 app to smartphone:

– Amazon Appstore: http://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/get-appstore/android/ref=mas_rw_ldg

– Amazon Fire TV Remote App: link download. This is the software used to control AFTS on the phone. It’s Very good, because you can use qwerty keyboard on it without having to select and then press each letter on the basic remote, and control the poitner with the pad. It also comes with voice search.

– Wukong TV remote control: link download . RMfFTV software comes with Amazon, do not think about using apk Android app to download, not because Amazon Appstore will check the copyright and you will have to quit app. So Wukong TV remote control is a good choice because it’s free. If you only want to watch the movie, wukong is enough. if you understand the language, it will be more than enough. This is mandatory software use for apps that do not belong to amazon, ie push up with Apps2fire.

– Apps2Fire: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.koni.appstofiretv&hl=en. This is sideload software.

– adbfire: Software required to connect from computer to AFTV – ADBfir. This app is familiar with app2fire but used on computer. It is required when you want to install XBMC/Kodi for AFTV.

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